Consider Yourself a Noob, Newbie, Newie or a Quitter!

By Ian Fernando

The term "newbie" stands for new person, but there really isn't another one that comes readily to mind that says it in quite the same manner. You are a beginner to a specific topic or problem. You ARE a newbie on the Internet?? Or have you been online long enough to feel you've left that "newbie" status behind?

I was a newbie once - but did I ever pleaded for help and quit? Did I ever find an easy way out? No but I can tell you I did struggle. Doing lots of research and asking questions, but never putting myself down ever.

Well I have read a pretty good post on being a newbie or maybe even being a quitter. Well a newbie needs to do a lot of research to become what he wants to become. Just like Gobala Krishnan he gets emails everyday from others to help them with their internet marketing schemes. He especially got tired of maybe getting the same emails or statements saying "I am a newbie, help!" He simply says as an intro to his blog topic:

I’ve had just about enough of this “I’m a newbie poor me…” bullshit. It’s just an excuse for not taking action. You justify the situation by remaining in the comfort zone, and hiding behind the fact that you’re “new”.

It’s easier to do nothing. It’s safer to not have to deal with risk and failure. A lot of people choose this path - it’s called a JOB - and there’s absolutely nothing with having a job.

I agree, I do get emails like this as well. Stating do you agree with these clickbank ebooks, are these scams etc. Why would you put yourself at ones feet? Granted you are new as for help but do not put yourself down by saying you are a newbie. Your mind will take this and turn you into a newbie for sure. Thinking what you are will really develope your own self into what you are always consistently repeating to yourself.

Another post I read earlier in the week came from ShoeMoney, he has a similar post about receiving excessive repeated emails about being a newbie or yelling out for help:


There are a lot of people these days that want to leave the work environment and start making money on the internet. This can be done! You just have to work at it and be patient. When users ask me questions like these I will help them to a certain point.

I have helped several authors with their web layouts, given advice for Adsense, affiliate marketing, and even my own input on Clickbank. These answers provide small background information and I encourage them to research as wealth will not come easy at first. It takes patients and I tell all my emailers this all the time.

Steve Pavlina has a great post on patience.

Patience is one of the most important qualities to develop if you care about personal growth. It’s also one of the most difficult.

Wouldn’t it be nice if after you identified a change you’d like to make, you could just snap your fingers, and the change would occur instantly? Unfortunately, it’s rarely so easy as that, despite what marketers tell you.

Though his post is about self improvement and self growth, it relates to earning money on the internet or any aspect of life. If you want something you need to change. This is similar to saying; if you are fat and want to become stronger and more lean you need to run, go to the gym, start working at it!

What you do will result in your success or failure. It is your input and your research that will drive you to receive what you want. Once you receive a small result you will not want to stop. Example: once you lose 5 pounds within 1 week of hard week you will be come excited, the same when you see your first $1 from the internet.

It will take time, practice and understanding before you can succeed. Without understanding how something will work and your risk, there will be numerous problems. This is like changing your oil and not understanding how to drain and refill your oil. In the long run you will have major problems.

There are marketers out there that use newbies as a source of income, to me this isn't good. Readers out there want an easy way out and get cash right away. You will not get that first $1 over night.

If you want to be a newbie then do so, because Gobala will call you a newbie by choice, because you will not put in effort to get results. Just getting results will provide you with nothing. Again it takes patience to succeed, so research and do not become a quitter.

If you need an understanding of some aspects of success and a little tip here and there about entrepreneurship, read my Simpsons post. It has great small ideas and helpful hints to help a noob.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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