Content is King Which Equals Cha Ching

By Ian Fernando

Browsing, I found a great post on content and I decided to share it. It is a video by Joel Comm about what kind of content should be written. This is a well put video on writing YOUR own content. Joel introduces by sharing an email he has received from a reader. She ask would poem and short stories be considered content.

The video is all about providing great content to monetize your Google Adsense. Which is good news because I think I have been doing a good job with my content, because I get clicks with my Adsense. Monetizing your content to quickly grab the perfect ads for Google Adsense is the key to create great wealth with Adsense.


Did you enjoy Joel's Video? If not here are some good tips I use back in the day for article writing. This is very useful for creating content, as article writing is simply writing content for article directories.

  • Keep your articles focused: Write about a single facet of your given niche. Otherwise, you'll get a rambling, disordered mess.
  • Practice: Articles take practice. You'll need to write with some regularity in order to get to the point where you write well.
  • Blog: Become a blogger, and host this blog on your own site. There are places to get free blog accounts, but most of them have non-commercial use stipulations. If you break that stipulation and the host finds out, your blog will evaporate without notice. I use WordPress, which takes a bit of learning and requires more maintenance, but is an excellent program and free.
  • Organize your content intelligently: This has to do with web site organization, but it can be summed up as 'if no one can find your content, they won't be happy with you'. Organize your site so that navigation is all but idiot-proof, and you'll keep your visitors happy.
  • Use Keywords: Find keywords that are actually searched and use them in your articles. You want the ones that make sense so you can work them into the title and body. Just remember the order of operations on this. You are not a slave to your keywords; they are tools for you. You can find phrases that are actually used on the Internet with the Overture keyword tool, or buy a commercial tool for your own use. The Overture tool is free, but the purchased varieties are more thorough.
  • Use META tags: These are ways to tell the search engines what your page is about and people using them about your article at a glance. These make your content more search-engine friendly, which is good for you. Sites with high page ranks get a lot of search engine traffic, but not if the person who's reading the search results can't determine what you're offering.
  • Tip lists are popular: You're reading a tip list right now. It's an easy way to make an article without too much writing effort. Your readers get good information quickly, and you get content easily.

Source: Ryan Ambrose

Great content organically creates links as impressed and interested visitors share their discovery of a site with others. This is the very reason why search engines value links in the first place. It is like every search engine is a person spreading information virally!

Informative information which is up to date or very interesting will capture your readers interest, monetize your pages with Google Adsense, and create RSS subscribers!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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