Copeac Sponsored NYC Meetup202

By Ian Fernando

Yesterday I was at Meetup202 NYC and it was a very big crowd, big ups for Copeac sponsoring Ryan Pamplin and Emily Thomson Meetup202 NYC. It was definitely a good meetup and made a lot of new connections and talked to a lot of people.

Getting there I was actually late, like 2 hours late. I finally got there and met up with Jon Fisher of WickedFire, Stanley, Thiago, Ryan and Emily. I was hoping to watch the basketball game at the bar but it was so crowded and everyone started talking to me and I just forgot about the game. ergh.

Anyways I met up with my main man Ad Hustler and updated each other on things. Plus I was hungry and they didn't have food just finger foods, boo. I drank all night and everyone kept bringing me drinks, thats what happen when its open bar. But later that night we all went out to eat.


It was also interesting to see a lot of users came to me to talk about Twitter Snipe and twitter traffic. I was actually happy that it is out there for marketers and it is pretty known. According to Emily there was about 150 people that were at last nights meeutp. Also the most interesting part is there were non marketers there, cause they heard about a party.

So it was interesting to see non marketers there, also interesting to see more biz guys there too. So it was definitely a mix of people there and not just affiliates. I met a lot of new people and talked to my main affiliate manager Jeff, great seeing him.

I saw a lot of my NJ IANteract Meetup202 there as well. We talked about the mobile traffic I run and showed him how to be a bit profitable on mobile, since it can easily deplete your spendings in 1 minutes. Other than that it was interesting night and definitely was fun. There was a speaker as well, talked about old tricks that do not even work on Google. I do not know why big guys give advice that do not work, whats the point!

After the meetup Ad Hustler, myself, and several others went out to dinner with a couple investors I think I can call them. They treated us to dinner and talked more about business, one talked more about twitter traffic and the other about investing in affiliates. Interesting. By the end of the night I drank too much, talked to damn much, was definitely loud last night but had a great time.

Thanks to Ryan, Emily and Copeac for throwing a great meetup.

Video mashup of last night:

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