Couch Classroom Part 4: 40 Minutes in 2 Hours

The continuation of the Couch Classroom episode 4 with Kristopher Jones! Kristopher Jones is part of PepperJam and PepperJam Network. I joined PepperJam Network and I am already making some money with it, nothing big but it is a start. But about the Couch Classroom, I was kinda of disappointed in the fact I have a 2 hour DVD but got 40 minutes of information.

Kristopher Jones is a well respected person in the search marketing arena. I really like the information he provided in such a short amount of time. He was totally a different speaker than the rest. By this I mean Kristopher Jones speaks his mind and says it the way it is.

He spoke in small sections that were understandable and with tough seriousness. For example “thinking positive is a prerequisite!” That is true. In order to reach your goal you want to be positive, saying it and not doing are two totally different things and mindsets as well.

I was kind of disappointed though that Kristopher Jones just talked for 40 minutes instead of 2 hours.


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