Affiliate Marketing Forum Battle: CPAFix: the Dojo

By Ian Fernando

Affiliate Marketing forums are all over the internet but what ones are the best. Past reviews included AFF Playbook Review and Stack that Money Forum Review. Now I want to bring in the battle Oliver Kenyon's forum called CpaFix: the Dojo. He started CPAFix to start helping users in the internet marketing space from the beginners level point of view.

Now earlier this year he came out with the Dojo, a paid forum which breaks down a lot of the basics and shows users how to create a simple campaign from start to finish. The forum is geared towards more beginners and Oliver is looking to fill the void in this industry by providing that culture in his forum.

Quick video review, Camstasia wasn't working for me. Recorded on an iPhone. Sorry.

  1. Community: the Dojo community is very active. Oliver himself stay active and answers almost every thread in there where there is a question. He also does a great job of creating community activity among users. The knowledge of users are definitely more geared newbs and very few intermediate users. There are also networks in there providing a helping hand with user posts. When you are in there there is a lot of starter material and starter contribution. You sometimes wonder how simple one of the threads are then the comments are even more simpler  Maybe because I am looking at from my own perspective knowledge. The user base are all users who have transitioned from CPAFix forum and have upgraded to the Dojo.
  2. Content: The content is starter material and is definitely geared towards beginners. I have posted several tip and strategies and even a case study in there. When posted I needed to break it down even further and explain it to users on how I did it. If you are a first timer and do not know specific lingo in the internet game then this is the perfect forum for you. No need to really feel "slow" because the content is geared towards a brand new user. Every aspect of internet marketing form installing WordPress to setting up Aweber is explained thoughtfully in he forum.
  3. Tools: I do not have much on the tools, as Oliver recently partnered up with Affkit to supply affiliate tools to his forum users. I do know Affkit is currently free to the public and has some basic tools like Geo redirection and image adjustments.
  4. Pricing: The membership is has a one time payment of $97 and you have access to everything. I consulted with Oliver and asked why he didn't want to maintain a membership fee for his content. He just wants to simplify a user experience and help beginners as much as possible. Putting a monthly price may hold users from making their first dollar. In this case, he has decided to create a one time payment for his members allowing them to invest, retain the value from his paid forum, and continue to make their first online income.

This forum is for beginners. Literally for users who want to know what the internet is capable of but do not know any of the internet marketing lingo such as "aweber" or "epc". Oliver wants to tackle a void in where beginners need help. Oliver breaks down a lot of the setup in his forums, making it easier for users to understand why it is setup this way. Even though users can get the help from the third party services, Oliver provides a culture with him and his community. He is always in the forum and communicates with them on a daily basis.

When it comes to providing information to beginners this is the place to be at. There is no monthly cost just a one time payment and it gives you access to all the content and even the tools, for right now as he just recently JV'd with Affkit. Oliver is dedicated to helping his users, he is continuously active in the forum and strive to help users make their first dollar online.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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