Creating Wealth Summit - Seminar

By Ian Fernando

Today was a great day of wealth! I have finished learning from top 5 gurus or rising experts! This seminar was hosted by Creating Wealth Summit, a Trump Road to Wealth. Upon reaching and entering the seminar I was overwhelmed already by the amount of visitors there ready to see and gain the knowledge of these millionaires. I mainly visited the seminar for the real estate purpose, but every speaker had multiple great advices about their specific fields.

Lets get into the speakers.

David Craig expertise taught us how to make our own educated investment decisions without having to rely on the advice of others, specifically brokers. He was our first presenter and gave a great on stage performance about investing in stocks. Now stocks, very risky? Well there is a tool out there called, which HELPS you make the right choices with what stock to invest and what not too. It even helps you decide when to buy and sell. Now I am to into investing too much, but his information was very informative. Seeing these numbers and actual reports amazed me.

He speaks of amateurs that are making thousands on stocks all the time, its amazing even how some of the visitors that have attended are already using his tactics. He explained how conservative investors use different cash flow strategies within the stock market to pay for homes and cars.

The next speaker was Robert Bluhm. I was very interested in his speaking as he talked about protecting your assets. He describes the corporations and which ones are the best to help suit your needs.

I can tell he was a football person because he showed offense/defense football video clips. He was the only person who spoke about protecting your assets, defensively. He spoke about:

  • How to Minimize Income Taxes via C Corp
  • Judgement Proof from lawsuits
  • Protect IRAs and retirement Benefits

Since he is a lawyer, he sees too many things happen to good people, where their whole lives are flip upside down because of a absurd lawsuit. Explaining the difference from the past lawsuits to todays lawsuits, since today you can sue for about anything. He brought up many instances such as the case where a woman spilled Coffee on herself and collected, because it was HOT! Can we be serious for a bit, I thought generally coffee was HOT!

The other presenters were Wayne Gray, James Smith, and Ivanka Trump. Wayne Gray expertise resides with banking and how yo can use the most lucrative financial opportunity in America.

  • Spoke of how to secure a steady income of an additional 3,000 to 10,000 per month!
  • Acquire Real Estate for only 35% of the value of the property
  • Build your fortune starting with any dollar amount.

James Smith and Ivanka Trump spoke about real estate. This is where I was deeply paying attention, trying to gather knowledge! James spoke of purchasing real estate for about 31% - 48% below market and managing properties.

  • James taught us how to control and hold our investments in real estate
  • Turning properties into profits
  • and how to finance deals

He even goes into financial aspect of real estate. Ivanka describe herself as a rising real estate expert. She spoke of her success and speaks of her current projects such as The Trump International Hotel and Tower.

I do not want to get into too much details about the seminar because I want to show you some media, I was unable to take too many pictures due to the fact I was mesmerized by the information being given out.

The seminar provided us with lunch, which was great because by 10:30 am I was getting hungry. It even came to a point where I had to wait in line just to use the lavatory! The place was packed and I tried to get pictures with each of the presenters but I was unable to do so.It was very entertaining, I spoke to several audience members there trying to see where they are and what they do. Most were there just to learn how to make money and never actually started a business. While some that I have seen had laptops ready to take in major notes. I was sitting next to a gentlemen and as David Craig was speaking he would validate his story on his laptop, via a T-Mobile HotSpot. He was very enthusiastic with stock investing, since he does that now as a living. He even took one of the courses David recommends.

This opportunity provided me with great networking and learning and hearing from other millionaires. I mean who would you rather listen to, your friend that is barely making 40,000 a year or a total stranger that is making 40,000 a month?

But I will soon be one of those speakers helping others to their roads to success. Until then I guess I have to participate in failing to success!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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