Cut the Noise, Sure Fire Way to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing - It's NOT What You Think

By Ian Fernando

Besides having such an epic beard in this interview, MobIdea interviews me at Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona. In this mini-interview, I talk about how to get started in affiliate marketing as well as trying to find the best offers to promote.

I have transcribed this video for you, just in case you didn't bring your headphones on the train with you.

Tell Us About Yourself

So, my name is Ian Fernando, I've been in the affiliate space for about 15 years. I basically started by accident, became an affiliate by accident and that's I think what makes me different from every affiliate here.

Like, every affiliate wants to be an entrepreneur, wants to be an online marketer, whereas I became an affiliate by mistake.

Basically learning how to resell on eBay and then couldn't deal with the customer support, and then I was like, "You know what? Let me Google how to make money online without customers," and that's how I found affiliate marketing and my biggest jump from affiliate market to be a full-time was one network actually helped me with one campaign which made me for a month $100 a day to almost $1000 a day, and that's what made me believe that - "Hey, this is… this could happen."

What’s The Ideal Mindset For A Newbie?

Making sure that you understand that you're going to lose, that's the most important thing. A lot of affiliates, they believe that "Hey, $1 goes out, I need to see at least $1.01 back," right?

But it doesn't work that way, you'll put in $1 and you'll never see that $1 ever again, right, you'll probably be down and dumped. So, what you need to understand is or a lot of newbies need to understand that losing is profitable because you're getting data and understanding how to react to that data, right, that's the most important part.

How To Face Non-Profitable Campaigns?

Well, you got to have a good head on your shoulders, you got to be very, very positive on looking at your campaign. Because what you need to learn about the industry that the industry is like this, right, it's never like this what everybody assumes, right?

So, there are days, there are months where I don't make money, right, and you have to live with that and understand that there… that this business shift… it can shift tomorrow and you won't be making money tomorrow.

But having that mindset of understanding that, “Okay, I will be profitable tomorrow, let me just swallow my pride, swallow my ego and just run through it.”

How To Spot A Bad Campaign?

To figure out if a campaign is bad or not is… it's all mathematical all right.

So, you have to figure out, "Okay, if I'm getting the payout of $1, right, and I'm going to spend at least $10 and didn't make 50% of it back, then I think I would kill that campaign," it's just basics… basics of math. But if you get enough information that you can tweak it like, "Hey, you know what? If I… I figured out everybody that clicked on we're all females then put another $10 for this $1 CPA and it converts over," then, yeah, continue with that campaign.

So, it really, really depends on your spend and your adjustment of the campaign and the data you received.

How To Choose An Offer?

What I tell a lot of people when I started affiliate marketing is that it just starts something that they're passionate about, right.

There are 2 types of affiliates when they first begin, it's passion and money, right? It's easier to start a campaign that you're passionate about because then you have this whole creative feel that you understand that niche more so than if you started in a niche that you don't understand, right?

This way, you can quickly start a campaign with something that's fashionable like gardening or growing tomatoes, versus dating, alright?

You probably never had a date in a long time so you're not an expert at dating, but you're so passionate about growing your indoor garden tomatoes that you can think creatively about how and why people don't click on your ads. 

What’s Your Focus Right Now?

So, my biggest focus now is a lot of doing Amazon FBA and then creating a lot of content style affiliate websites. So, that's where I'm more so about now.

The Education in Affiliate Marketing

So, the most important part of education in this industry is the fact of having proper mentors and men… and your tight circle to support you, right?

The education is great, but if you're not doing it and if you're not understanding why you failed and you don't have a support group to tell you, "Hey, there are these top 5 reasons why this campaign failed and why you probably lost money," and to push you to even do anymore.

So, like we're here at Affiliate World and everybody here is supporting everybody and that's I think the best part of the marketing side and the education part is good, it’s just you need that support group also, which needs to come with education.

... Thanks MobIdea for the Interview!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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