DatsPush Review – LeadBit Push Notification Ad Network

By Ian Fernando

Push Notification is getting some solid traction the start of 2019. I have been testing some push notification traffic sources and I want to go more in-depth about DatsPush since I have been getting FB Messages about it.

First, make sure to take a look at my case studies that I have done in the past, showing numbers and spend, and more importantly my thought process.

DatsPush is owned by LeadBit, an affiliate network. It is a self-serving platform, meaning that you are are the one that will put up the ads on their network and DatsPush will go ahead and send the traffic to your ads.

If you ran traffic before it is like any other traffic platform. First, create a campaign by setting up some basic parameters.

With DatsPush they have a fairly good amount of options such as:

  • What Browsers to target
  • What Platform
  • The country you want to target
  • the Region
  • a set of IP you want to target
  • Device type
  • and even set the number of clicks per campaign

When you set up the campaign you can always come back and adjust things, especially when you want to blacklist IPs. Everytime you adjust something in the campaign, it does go through approval again.

Now it is time to create the creative or ad. Now, one thing I did not like was there was no preview for the ad. DatsPush support team told me prior that they are going to release it on their next interface update.

There are also just seven categories to chose from. They will increase these as they gain more opt-ins to their push network.

Within the creative, you want to resize your images yourself and upload the exact image you want to be visible. This will make sure that you are creating the ads how you want it.

Their icon file size is 192x192 and the main image file size is 492x328. These are pretty much universal to all Push Notification networks. So this is good to know.

Now the most important question is how cheap is the traffic?

It is definitely cheap. Also, it depends who you are bidding against as well. On my first attempt I was being overbid by another affiliate I guess and they bought out all the inventory out of one country that I couldn't get any traction, even after increasing the bid.

I was just being overbid by another affiliate I guess and they bought out all the inventory out of one country that I couldn't get any traction.

But here is a snapshot of their bid prices from the backend:

As you can see most of the traffic isn't even 1 cent. It all depends on the target country you want to target and of course the competition of the bids.

So you can easily test the traffic source and so far for me, it has proven itself as a great source of legit traffic. Remember these push notification sources are all opted in, meaning they are very high-quality traffic.

Just make sure you write your ad with intentions and you will get the right clicks with the right conversions. Make sure to read my case studies with DatsPush as well.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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