Day Parting: Finding the Best Hour to Sell

By Ian Fernando

As you test new offers and find new networks to join. You come across a good offer and want to test its effectiveness on the internet world. So people just throw up a campaign and have it running all the time, which isn't really optimizing your traffic that much at all. When you look at your data how are you looking at it? What portion of the day are you making most of your income? Do the networks even have day parting technology to help track your trends? If they are using Direct Track, then probably not cause they sucks so damn much!

Anyways, analyzing your data and gathering such data is important especially if you are using PPC to get the majority of your traffic. I first discovered day parting when I first started with affiliate marketing with Azoogle and saw their in house tracking, I was amazed. Then I also realize Google Adwords had such system to help optimize affiliate campaigns. After looking at some data on how my data was being received, I started day parting most of my campaigns base on a weeks data. Google has set days for day parting.

Below is a new campaign/offer I started with a new network and it looks like it is doing fairly well. Now looking at a 24 hour data span I can tell mid day and late nights are not working well for this particular offer. So I should stop traffic between 1am and 5am - because I am getting very little clicks and I am spending for those clicks, why not save a couple dollars.

Another aspect is mid day, I get clicks but doesn't convert well, I personally may also stop traffic during those certain hours that do not convert. I am getting the clicks and conversions but it isn't working too well for me. This is where a lot of affiliates fail, they are getting the clicks and conversions but their ROI is low or minimal. I personally would take advantage of the higher volume later in the day than just break even during the couple hours.

Beginners fail because they are seeing money within the network, when I first started I was greedy and just let it run even though I wasn't making a high positive ROI. It was definitely a mistake, because I can spend more money on a particular hour and get a bigger and higher return, as you can see from this 24hour graph.

Most networks do not even have day parting in their reports, the reason you need to use Tracking202! Tracking202 has such an easy to use interface and great analytical perspective. It gives you all the data you need to figure out what hour is the best and what hour is garbage. Having data is very useful, if your spending money, why not optimize it.

With Google Adwords you can take advantage of the time of day and have  your ad only show at peak points of the day. So let's say you are doing a dating offer, and your conversions are happening more late night. You should concentrate your ads during those specific hours because traffic and conversions is there. You want to make sure to adjust your ads specifically for the specific times of the day where you are getting traffic and conversions.

It is how  you are looking at data and how you perceive it. Is it making you bank? If so how can you optimize time of day to get a higher ROI? From the example above I will most likely stop traffic to the times I am getting negative ROI and minimal ROI. The reason is because I would rather put more money during the optimal hours of the day. It just makes sense, if you are a beginner do not get greedy with the conversions and what income you see in the network dashboard, think about your traffic and how they are reacting.

Are you taking advantage of the hours of the day? Are you heavily looking at your data and try to take advantage of the bigger traffic? Do not get greedy on small conversions go for the bigger fish!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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