Death of TV: Joel Comm's Next Internet Millionaire

By Ian Fernando

As you probably have heard Joel Comm tok a huge step into making the first internet reality show online! He wants to find the next entrepreneur he would like to joint venture with. This is a great experience for the user and the competitors.

In my opinion I have watched Donald Trumps "The Apprentice" and got hooked as I did learn from it. Will Joel Comms reality show prove to be another. There are some pointers that are shown and most that are just hidden. I think this is a good, sneaky way of advertising for products or services which the competitors have to learn, Simple-ology.

But this is a good show, I actually watched the whole thing, curios as what I would see and what I can gather from it. well here is my mini video review about, enjoy:


Here are some other thoughts I found within the blogosphere about The Next Internet Millionaire:

Darren Rowse says:

Did I learn much from it?

Not a lot - although I have to admit that as I watched I did press pause a few times to jot down a few ideas that came to mind as I watched the teams going about their tasks.

The ‘teaching’ aspect of the show was a little light on but even the snippets that we saw were good. I liked the concept of the ’straight line’ and think I could probably reorganize my days a little to become more productive using that.

Yaro Starok says:

Some of my personal mentors, Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Mark Joyner and Jeff Walker are included in this project as teachers, so it’s certainly got the backing of the experts.

Shoe Money says:

The first episode of The Next Internet Millionaire reality web show has been released. Hats off to Joel for putting this together. The quality is top notch. It takes a lot of balls to jump right in on something like this.

Shawn Collins says:

I enjoyed the show, and thought it was a compelling premise, though I am not crazy about having to watch it on my computer monitor. It’s tempting to jump away when I hear the alert that I’ve got an e-mail or IM.

However, if you go to the version that’s on Revver, you can download the Quicktime file, which could then be converted to an MP4 and uploaded to a video iPod.

Affiliate Watcher says:

It was very interesting to see the different personalities and see people from different walks of life and how the interacted with other people. I have to say, a couple of the people who I thought would really shine kinda fell down on the job.

Matt Huggins says:

Watching the show further demonstrated the implementation of some basic ideas behind advertising. For example, Comm utilizes the Web company Hacker Safe as a central idea whereby individuals have the opportunity to win the Hacker Safe shirt each episode to gain immunity from elimination. Additionally, the theme of this week’s show being to design a landing page to make affiliate sales for the book Simpleology as well as to create a compelling presentation to Comm and Simpleology author Mark Joyner. Though I’m sure it will not be revealed, I’m curious to know what kind of money Conn earned from these sponsorships.

What did you think of the first Internet Reality Show? If you have yet to see it you can watch The Next Internet Millionaire here. Once you have watched it, what did you think of it. Professional bloggers gave their opinion about it, what about yours?

Ian Fernando
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