Direct Track Needs to Train Networks

By Ian Fernando

This is some BS, so I started with a couple new networks that have been getting to me and I tend to like their appeal right after ad tech. I decided to throw them some traffic and some were ehh and one was the worst. Again this specific network uses direct track as their tracking system and it never fails me that it hasn't tracked any of my subids. So this is the 4th network I believe that I decided to go ahead and send some traffic on with one of their good offers.

Last night I decided to check up on some of the new networks stats and I was actually happy it converted, but when pulling a subid report, a blank screen welcomes me! Man I was mad! I tried to call my AM no response, left a voicemail. He finally calls and I just started rambling. The reason I rambled was their subids were a little different from the tradition Direct Track URLs. PLUS I mentioned ahead of time how their tracking works and provided examples and made sure I was clear about direct track and their tracking.

Here the 2 most common ways to track subids via a network that uses Direct Track, variations may vary but these are the basis:

These are the two most common ways to add a subid via direct track, to my knowledge. Now I specifically asked this network to show me and correct me on the right way to add a subid on their network because I was not able to produce a test subid with these links. We went back and forth via email and finally he got back to me from his account rep and provided me a correct URL and how to add a subid.

Since I use Prosper202, the subids need to be added at the end of the link, the subid was in the middle. Again we went back and forth on this and from his account rep provided me the right url. Now this is my fault for not testing the url, I just put it up within my tracking and let it go. I think I did this because I wanted the network to leave me a lone.

Upon checking stats I wanted to see the reports, so I can tweak the campaign. But I was unable to retrieve a subid and I was piss. The fact that the networks account rep provided my AM the wrong affiliate tracking link was pathetic. The fact my AM knows I HATE Direct Track (and probably all the networks out there) he should have been more cautious. The fact I was specific on phone calls and emails about tracking should have put more of a priority on this issue.

A simple solution to this problem

Proper training, that is all. This specific network did not know the ends and outs of their damn tracking. It went through 2 people! You are an affiliate manager and yet no one under you complained about tracking! BS. So why doesn't networks know how their tracking works?

That is why smaller networks do better because they know their system and have delt with Direct Track prior. Other networks that just brings in 'people' and not affiliates is a bad move, they do not understand. I think the network itself needs training on how to use their friggin system and also understand how direct track works.

This is another reason why I try not to part away from my main networks I do business with. I am comfortable with them and relationship is strong. With so many networks out there wanting business, I am hesistant to even send traffic. I will even just waste money to send them traffic just to shut them up, without even optimizing or overlooking it. My reason is because I do not want to be bothered! I have a lot of things to do especially maintaning my other campaigns, sometimes I just do not have the time. Direct Track is a POS system or the networks needs to specifically know their Fing system!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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