Directly Involved with Direct Agents

By Ian Fernando

Another day went by and another day I went back to New York to visit Direct Agents. As you know Direct Agents is hosting a contest and planning on sending one of you to the Caribbeans. So today, I went and visited their office and first of all would like to thank Francesca for inviting and having me to their office.

It was an easy walk from the train to their office, it was kinda in the cut and almost missed it with all the construction that was happening on their block but I found it. I got to their suite and it was like going to someones apartment because of how the building was structured. I was introduce by their intern and I just asked for Francesca. They have a really nice sign though I give props to that.

Direct Agents

Arriving to their office it was definitely tiny, everyone was on top of each other and there was no breathing room. Literallyif somone got sick everyone would probably get sick as well. Prior to that I saw my AM in a conference room and he eagerly introduce me to the office. Then Francesca gave a quick tour of their office, which was literally 5 steps to teh back of the room.

But this means they are growing and they are growing fast. I remember when Market Leverage showed me pictures of their old office, they too were on top of each other and now got a nicer office and building. It looks like Direct Agents will be doing the same.

Once we quicklly toured the office and I shokk everyones hands, we taked a lot about business and talked from a publishers point of view and what is needed or what we as affiliates look for within a network. We discuss what can differentiates them from other networks and what is needed on their part. The first order I gave them was to get rid of Direct Track!

After a good collaboration, we headed out to lunch and it was a very entertaining lunch. Opened up conversation outside of the industry for a bit and talked about traveling and nice places to go to. It seems my AM is also a regular traveler himself. It was great to get out and chat with a network that isnt always regards to business but more as a person, which is great relationship building.

I got props as well for my recent branding post that I posted earlier this week. Amazing how a network reads and learns for themselves from others, it is great. With in regards to that I discuss more branding opportunities with the network and how to find proper branding. Discuss ways of promotions and ways to get noticed. I definitely enjoyed the conversation.

We even got into more details of their contest and I will be posting that as well soon.

Back at the office, I decided to do a video of the office and see if I can get some interviews with certain team memebers of their network. During the course of the coming days you will find interviews and see what goes behinds the scenes of an affiliate network.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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