Don't Procrastinate too Long

By Ian Fernando

I was sitting at my home yesterday trying to think of an article for tomorrow, when I kept telling myself I will think of it later after this TV show. Thirty minutes pass by and another good show came on, "Hell's Kitchen", and I decided to wait it out again with the topic I want to write about. After an hour I said I need to search something that I want to talk about. Then I grabbed a snack and then I received an instant message from one of my network marketers and we had a small conversation for a while, which I became tired and went to bed.

I did not reach my goal which could of taken maybe 10-15 minutes. Google defines: Procrastination is the deferment or putting-off of an action or task. Which I did last night. This attitude is okay sometimes, as long as your procrastinate in a positive way or level. You need to become more productive when you procrastinate. As per last night, I was not being productive at all. I was lazy.

By being productive while procrastinating can be the beneficial of gaining money or not. The reason why I brought this up is because I was over viewing my RSS feeds when I saw a good topic on procrastination. John at Pick the Brain, broke down the benefits of procrastination by structured and unstructured. One item I like which I need to start doing more is getting more organized. John says:

Get Organized - There’s no better way to feel productive while avoiding the inevitable than organizing your home or work space. Without procrastination my desk would be perpetually cluttered and the dishes would never get done.

Which I need to start making a habit of. I am organized but when it comes to mails and business cards they are just scattered and I tend to clean things up. With my online blog and other sites, I am well kept and on point when it comes to the things that I need to do.

John also has a great statement he says about unstructured procrastination. He says:

Unstructured procrastination is essential for recharging creative energy and allowing the unconscious mind to work on difficult problems. These are 6 productive ways to avoid work completely.

You sometimes do not want to be productive (work wise) but end up doing something productive (non-work wise); cleaning your house, taking a small quick jog, or even just reading a good book. It diverts you from your original goal but you are doing something to supplement your mind and keeping your mind thinking. As long as you keep your thinking productive and in motion your procrastination becomes wealthy, mind wise.

Another blog post I was reading, Procrastination Is Sometimes Good For Your Wallet, this post is very similar to Pick the Brain. The statement I like was about procrastination being productive.

This is questionable (of course), but I have seen that some people work very hard on trivial problems right from the time it is assigned to them. However, most people who procrastinate will do nothing till the deadline is near and then finish the work (with sufficiently high quality) within a few hours.

I think here is where I think I can say is up to the person. John says you can be productive but this blog is questionable. Well I kind of agree to a point as it is in the interest of the person. We as people make choices. It is up to us to either be productive or not.

By being productive or choosing to be productive exercises our minds to think more. If it can think more then creativity can paint a wonderful color of ideas. Your mind keeps thinking and encourages you to do more.

By choosing to be unstructured and just sit on the couch as I did last night, will weaken your mind and thinking. You are focused on one thing which is entertaining your mind and not exercising. You become lazier and less responsive to ideas and critical thinking elements.

Think of your mind as heavy set person, which his goal is to lose weight and gain strength. That person will be determined to exercise and reform his body. In the opposite way, a skinny person that does not keep in shape and just eats on a daily basis without the exercise will see a body change as well, weight gains and bad eating habits.

Choosing to be productive from your procrastination can lead to a better mental habit. But choosing other wise can make you weak.

As for me I rarely watch television, but I will tend to do what I said I was going to do and will do it and if I procrastinate I will read a good book!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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