Don't Say You Are an Entrepreneur Until You Understand What it Takes

By Ian Fernando

For the past week this term has been thrown around so easily. As if someone that builds a site assumes they are an entrepreneur. I remember when the term wasn't cool to said. Why would you want to be an entrepreneur and risk everything.

Well I am going to give you 2 types of content via post and a Youtube conversation I did with Mark Joyner.

The rest of this post will be what I think it means, almost what I basically said in the video. First and foremost, you can't say you are an accountant when you haven't done or filed your own taxes. You can't say you are a philanthropist when you don't donate. You cant say you are an entrepreneur when you celebrated your job anniversary.

It is so strange that after I noticed this one person, a good friend too and past co worker, I noticed a lot more videos about what entrepreneurship means. I read a post from Patrick Betdavid and saw a facebook video post from Gary Vee.

Both content states the types of entrepreneurial tendencies that are out there. So I decided to write and create a post about the same topic.

I feel ENTREPRENEUR is a titled earned. You do not seek to be one. I for sure became one by ACCIDENT.

When I first started as an online affiliate, I didn't even think of the word entrepreneurship. I wanted to make extra side money from my job that I have had, 3 jobs! My goal was to get rid of 2 jobs and just keep one. That was a goal I wanted and I accomplished by having this side income from something called the internet.

Eventually at my job I climbed the corporate ladder to be the best senior analyst and eventually I would be a director, but with all the old heads, how can they see me working with them especially such an age difference. Egos were hurt.

I couldnt climb this corporate ladder anymore and decided to risk 4-6 months of saving to try this online thing full time, 3 months into it and I accomplished just that.

This small idea from not wanting to have 3 jobs to being my own boss still doesn't qualify me as an entrepreneur. I just accomplished a goal that I was after. Eventually I came to depression and asked myself if this online affiliate game was for me. I was losing money a lot and I thought I came to the revenue by luck and maybe my luck ran out. I changed my way of thinking and got back into the game and made it once more.

Still I am not an entrepreneur.

I eventually started creating softwares for my marketing efforts and had a chance to sell one of my social marketing platform but became bust because of partner issues. Eventually I sold one of the best link snitching platform in the industry. That is when the title was given to me.

Someone told me you are a boss of an entrepreneur. I didn't give my self this entitlement. It was given, it was earned. I am happy I was able to help the industry we were in and then be the innovator of such.

Your goal to be an entrepreneur should be to replace your job salary first. Sustain your lively hood for a couple years. Fail at your first company and maybe even second company. Get featured in the public because you are a shaker in your industry or niche! That is an entrepreneur. Not a "Hi My Name is" sticker on your chest.

For those that claim you are an entrepreneur you are not, please at least have your 'entrepreneur' income replace your job salary. Then let's talk. Your goal shouldn't be to be an entrepreneur. Your goal is to innovative, leave your job, travel the world, get more freedom, change the world, crate jobs, crates businesses.

Remember you can't say your a surgeon when you get an upset stomach from viewing blood.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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