Earning Money Online Outside CPA Networks

By Ian Fernando

There are a bunch of ways to make money online. Coming back from a personal vacation, I needed to catch up on multiple things campaigns, business partners, projects, finances, etc. Looking over at my PayPal finances for last month, I noticed a big income for one week. Usually I notice a big change in deposit into my Paypal account after several days, usually checking my paypal email account.

It was interesting to see that 1 week I did well, then it just started to diminish. I was interested to what I was earning and where it came from. So I checked my Paypal history and found out it to be digital products via my own (after affiliate payments), e-junkie affiliate  system, PepperJam, eBay Partner Network, and smaller affiliate systems.

This gave me a heads up that money can be made without going to a CPA network. There are many reason to work with a CPA network and I recommend it, but there are also ways to make money outside CPA networks.

PayPal Screenshot

I talked about browsing through e-Junkie to find digital scripts and products to promote, it just gives you a wider range of niches to promote in. Also, having your own digital products to sell is also a plus, I am always expanding and trying out new ways to make money online.

But there are pluses and downsides when working or earning outside of a CPA network as an affiliate.


  • You get a dedicated Affiliate Manager, who is there to talk to you
  • If you make over a certain amount a week you can get weekly wires
  • Your AM will help you make money online
  • You receive encouragement and prizes (base on network)
  • You get a better understanding of the offers benchmark (overall network)


  • If you do not make X amount you do not get paid until you reach a minimum.
  • Offers may expire in a short time, where digital products are usually always live (unless domain goes down)
  • AM may hassle you to run more offers or get more volume

Joining a network is, I think, more beneficial to a person just starting out because you can leverage a network and their resources. You are given a live person to talk to and to ask questions, no question is retarded. BUT FIRST DO YOUR RESEARCH, you do not want to waste time and energy.

Recommended Networks You should Join:

Using a network gives you a higher chance in making money faster because, if you don't make money your affiliate manager does not make money. They are also there to encourage you and push to go stronger and harder, so that is a plus.

But expanding to make money online outside of what you typically do, can definitely help you boost your income. I expand in so many ways, I blog, I am part of several affiliate networks, create and sell my own digital products, promote other affiliate offers outside of networks, etc. I always look to expand.

Don't always depend on one source of income.

Expanding is important and you know the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket". So you can think of this income as being a smaller portion of my traditional affiliate income from the networks. So there are many ways I earn money online, joining a CPA network can be your first stepping stone to start learning what affiliate marketing is and how it can benefit you.

Once you have an understanding, your brain just decides to work in many ways you never thought it can do. Keep Expanding and Learning! Once you expand, you start to see bigger potential elsewhere.

Now add all of your income from blogging, affiliate marketing, product creations, etc and  you are always having money to throw in the air!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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