Easiests Way to White Label a Dating Offer

By Ian Fernando

White labeling an offer with an advertiser or affiliate network can be a pain and a hassle. I have talked about utilizing offers and then getting more control by simply just asking the network if they are allowed to white label an offer. White labeling an offer is basically allowing you to control how the site will look like to your traffic source. It gives you full control of how it should look and be setup, allowing you to test the best possible landing page concept which can turn into leads.

I think in Affiliate Summit West 09, there was a private affiliate meetup with a lot of affiliates and guest speakers talking about online affiliate marketing. My speech was taking dating offers and asking the affiliate network or advertiser to white label the offer. I talked about how it can give the publisher more control and provide even more quality leads to the advertiser.

I then found this site, Anastasia Affiliate Program which offers white label dating campaigns.

I decided to look at Asian Beauties because for some reason our industry likes Asian girls. So I looked at the backend to see how fully whitelabel this platform and offer truly is. Once I signed up the setup process is very simple and straight forward. You are asked to start naming your site and chose a subdomain for your dating campaign.

One great attribute is you can point your new site to a domain, branding your domain. This makes your offer unique as it can help with branding and ofcourse recognition n the internet. With this you can also upload a new logo than the traditional Asian Beauties logo, making it truly white label. You customize the slogan and the most interesting part which will be upgraded soon is the language.

You are allowed to currently chose English, but once they implement the language feature you can chose from German to French. If you have done any dating international offer, it is important to create landing pages with the proper language of the international traffic you are targeting. It just brings in better leads.

Once some basic information is provided about your new white label Asian dating offer, you then pick from 1 of 4 templates. Each templates has a lot of Asian women on the home page. The best part is you can chose what type of Asian women you can place on the home page vs the gallery page, Thailand girls, Chinese girls, or Filipino girls.

You can also display specific girls base on your targeting. For example you can also just show girls for a specific zodiac sign, smoking, eye color, drinking, ages, etc - you can control what type of girl shows up on the homepage or galleries. This is great especially if you are targeting a fixed demographic of males that are only interested in girls that are of specific height and for a specific zodiac sign. Very powerful.

You also can decide how many girls thumbnails can be view able from 50 images to more than 200! This gives you full control of how your dating campaign can look like. Even though 4 templates is pretty low, you still have control over the content and the galleries.

I believe they will have more templates soon.

With your white label site almost done, you also control the content and what you want to say across to your traffic. Below is a screenshot of the multiple parts of your white label site you can control, literally almost every part. You can use their default text, customize it, or just rewrite the whole content yourself, this is your site you can control.

This pat is important as copy in itself is important, you need to captivate the end user enough to show interests and then enough interests to turn them into  lead. Having control and testing your own copy can result in some great commissions for your own dating offer.

Other than just creating your own white label dating offer, they have a set of tools you can start pushing to help get your offer out. They have pre made banners, advertising tools, and ofcourse high commissions.

I always try to get a whitelabel offer, since it gives me the opportunity to test their LP vs what I thunk would convert better base on my own past experiences. Especially since dating is a saturated market but still profitable, having your own offer/campaign can help you increase your earnings. You can grow a brand which can be powerful in itself.

Take a look at Anastasia Affiliate Program and see their other white label dating offers, Asian Beauties is just one of other dating campaigns which you can white label and control. Having this ability literally gives you a better advantage over other affiliates.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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