East Meets Affiliate Summit West

By Ian Fernando

Sidenote: I apologize, I won't be uploading any of my pictures to my blog until I return, I do not have a card reader on my mac. Blah. Also please note my writing, apologize for any mistakes.

I flew in Saturday morning, eastern time and landed mid day western time. My flight was very long, 5 hours. Once the flight was done I checked into my hotel and finally got settled. The only thing that I forgot to bring with me was my camera. Once I rested up in my room I decided to go out and buy another camera, a Samsung L830.

When I arrived in Vegas I had the pleasure of meeting super affiliate Zac Johnson and his girl friend. We chit chatted for a while and had the opportunity to ride with him towards the Rio Hotel. That Saturday night I headed down to Affiliate Dinner hosted by ABestWeb. They had a roast for Brian Littleton of ShareaSale. The dinner was very entertaining though the microwavable food could have been better.

At the Affiliate Dinner - Zac Johnson, Me, Andrew Wee

photo credit: MoneyReign

Here is a picture from from Affiliate Dinner and Brian's Roast:

photo credit: Affiliate Summit

After the Affiliate Dinner I met up with Derreck and Dylan from WebProLeads.com and grab drinks before the night was over. It was very entertaining, I met Kris Jones of PepperJam Network, Andrew Wee, and many others that night.

Sunday was great and tiring day. It was the meet market and everyone was color coded base on Networks, Merchants, Affiliate, etc. Once labeled you are being attacked by a lot of questions.

It was amazing how some people recognized me and my blog or recognized my blog and not me. I was surprise myself to know a lot of people enjoyed my blog. 🙂 I did not think of going there and being some what of a 'celebrity'. I was more into meeting the bigger guys, networks, and merchants.

At the Meet Market all the people I met exchanged business cards and talked about what I did and how I do affiliate marketing. By the way, on the topic of business cards everyone was really enjoying my business cards because it has all my stats right on my card. If someone wanted to look me up, they do not have to it is right on my card and many were impressed with my stats to my surprise as well.

The Meet Market was really tiring I ended up drinking 5 bottles of water just to keep my throat moist and so I can keep talking and networking with so many others. During the meet market I met up with Joe Tech, Jim Kukral, Amit Mehta, Mark from 45n5, the Tracking202 Team, and Thor Schrock. I tagged along with Joe for some what of the meet market, I was running back and forth from my room and back to the meet market, I have so much freebies.

At the Meet Market, there were a lot more networks that I did not know exists and a lot of great software for users to use for affiliate marketing. So many innovations and so many merchants literally attacked you and gave a lot of freebies. I as well was handing out my t shirts to multiple people that I met.

photo credit: Affiliate Summit

After the Meet Market I met up with John Hasson and we discussed for a while and later that night we went to the Max Bounty Wine Cellar party, we only stayed for a little bit before heading down towards the ShareaSale Party. I first went to the WickedFire/Copeac Party with the guys from WebProLeads.com. I only had one drink and played a game of pool before going up to the ShareaSale party.

The ShareaSale party was really enjoying because it was very calm and relaxed environment. I finally got to meet Israel from Fat Man Unleashed, John Chow, Roger of Think like an SOB, and Shaw Collins.

First Days of Affiliate Summit Experience:

It is amazing the knowledge so many others have and the willingness of sharing that information. It is easy to talk to people since there is a commonality among our peers. While others were a bit hesitant to talk to others, I simply walked up to some or yelled out their websites to grab their attention. Exchanging ideas and cards was just the foundation of a good start with that specific person or network. I look forward to the days coming ahead.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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