eBay is a Seasonal Job for Me

By Ian Fernando

This morning I have been busy setting and creating a template for my eBay auction. I decided to clear some of this junk I have in my house and auction it on eBay. When I first started to make money on the internet I started with eBay and I still have 100% positive feedback!

Being an entrepreneur you want to see all possibilities of money making opportunities. At least try it and remember you need to know when to quit. I did not really quit eBay since I still shop on it and every year spring cleaning provides extra profits. I am not as dedicated to it as I was when I first started.

EBay is one of the fastest and easiest forms to make money on the internet. You can guarantee yourself income within a week! Why is this? Well there are million of users that surf eBay finding discounts and that is FREE traffic! Free traffic that is already targeted audience is a great way to start off on the internet. Having your own eBay business is that eBay has massive daily traffic unlike normal websites where you have to learn how to get people to visit your site.

A fast and quick money making opportunity is to sell goods on auction sites such as eBay. These auction sites allow anyone, even a one man small business or family operation, to put their wares before a country wide market, even a global market. Many established businesses have set up stores on the auction sites themselves, which they use to sell all form of goods from, not just the goods being auctioned.

How do you start with eBay? All you need to get going on your eBay money making opportunities are a computer and some items to sell on eBay and of course a username. You can start up your own eBay business with very little capital.

I started selling physical products on the internet and I sold shoes on eBay. Why? I was into shoes and fashion. I sold things that I enjoyed doing. Even though eBay gurus say antiques and collectibles are great money making on eBay, I would have found it boring. Again, every money opportunity you look at needs to be in your interest because you will not put 100% of your effort into it.

Back to eBay, I was doing great - reading when to post template design colors of the templates and text, etc. Once I became pretty good at buying bulk and shipping I started to do drop shipping. This was the great thing about eBay! I use several sources for finding wholesale suppliers of top selling eBay items. Not only do my sources provide me with excellent prices but most of them will drop ship the items to my customers.

I found suppliers overseas that would do drop shipping for me and it made life easier and relaxing. Though I had to pay a little extra it was fine since the income I was pulling from my eBay was enough.

One of the most important keys to success on eBay, after you choose a saleable product, is efficiency. Success is based on buyer feedback. The higher your feedback the more successful you will be as an eBay merchant. Open communication, fast delivery and good old fashion ethical business practices are the only way to obtain the highly coveted positive feedback.

I enjoyed making money with eBay but for me it will not be full time its a seasonal job especially around fall and spring - get rid of the old junk I have! BY the way here is my eBay Profile.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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