Efficient Campaign Creations with Efficient PPC

By Ian Fernando

With so many PPC software products available online, it’s often very hard to sift through all of them and decide upon the one that will ultimately be the best for you. Most of the PPC software currently available is strong in some areas while weak in others. There has never really been a PPC software option that was strong in all areas and weak in none. Well, except for Efficient PPC.

Efficient PPC has managed to create a PPC management program that is feature rich enough to please people from all walks of Internet Marketing life. The software supports both Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter and promises to save you time by practically automating the creation of PPC campaigns. You can even enable for some campaigns and text ads to be duplicated to speed up the process as well.

If you’re a keyword junkie than you’ll be pleased to know that Efficient PPC offers much in this realm as well. Not only does it make dividing your keywords into more compact and relevant Ad Groups a snap, it also can help you combine basic and built-in keywords into a cornucopia of long-tail keywords that are actually relevant to the campaign!

Sure the features ALWAYS sound good you’re likely saying to yourself, but how does the software actually work in trenches? Well, we can say with certainty that Efficient PPC delivers on all that it promises and then some once you start to put the software in action. We usually give a certain time frame to tinker with this type of software for our reviews and the time we spent playing with Efficient PPC was far greater than your average program. It’s just so easy to use and can save you so much time that you’ll be lamenting and wishing you’d managed to find this software a lot sooner. It is the standard by which all other PPC software should be judged against and is at the moment.

The only real downside that we could find with the product and it really isn’t that much of a bad thing at all really, is that the interface is kind of blah and boring and not very flashy or interesting. Not that this has anything to do at all with what the program is actually used for, but still, some people take that kind of stuff into account.

Here are the main benefits with Efficient PPC:

  • Combine number of keyword lists into a huge list of long-tail key phrases, and divide them to Ad Groups as 3 words as small!
  • Create UNIQUE text ads per keyword. These super relevant text ads will increase your CTR and Quality Score.
  • Provides a built in keyword editor, and built-in keyword lists, so you don't have to collect general keywords every time, or even a single time!
  • Send specific parameters about the keyword to your landing pages, and give the user exactly what they was looking for!
  • Create multiple campaigns simultaneously, and even duplicate existing campaigns for faster creation.

Some screenshots:



The cost for acquiring the Efficient PPC software is a bit hefty, but certainly not something that will put a severe dent in your wallet or anything. If you truly understand what this kind of software can help you do, than you should have no problem dropping down the cash to get it. Efficient PPC is made for and will help you to make more money by cutting back on the time that you spent building multiple campaigns. It makes split-testing absolutely anything dozens of different ways a breeze and will have those who like to do a lot of different split tests feeling as if they’ve stumbled upon an everlasting candy store.

While we normally try to remain as critical as possible with our reviews, we just couldn’t manage to find anything else about Efficient PPC that wasn’t good. It gives you effective and efficient solutions to practically every single PPC campaign problem you’ve ever had. When it comes right down to it, if you can’t start making some serious money with the help of Efficient PPC then you should just get out of the PPC marketing game entirely because there’s just no hope for you at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about the rest of its features than you can read up on them at the products website.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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