Elite Profits Sponsors IANteract Dinner: ASE NY

Affiliate Summit Officially starts tomorrow night. There are a lot of things that are going to be happening. The best part is everyones’ hangover before even attending and getting their passes for ASE on Sunday.

I will be arriving in NY tomorrow afternoon and meeting up with several people and great friends. I didn’t think I would be in the city on Saturday and I didn’t booked my telly. Now they wont adjust it. Luckily I got good friends. So I will be thereĀ  a day early and get the Summit Jumping!

The most important part is the IANteract Dinner which is happening on Sunday night 7:30. This dinner is being sponsored by Elite Profits. Adam was one of the first to want to sponsor this dinner but another network got n before hand. Too bad the other network told me last minute and left.

Adam was back on and there to support top publishers in the industries to have a nice private dinner.

Not only did Elite Profits come through with the sponsorship they are bringing a model to the dinner as well as gifts for my friends. Now that is taking care publishers. Prior to all this arrangement, I talked to Adam asking if was still interested.

I had about 3 other networks that contacted me prior and I was going to contact them as well. Elite Profits jumped right on the sponsorship. I have talked to Adam several times and definitely great person and they know how to entertain and give back to their pubs.

Since it was last minute, I thought I would have to cancel the dinner or if it comes to worst I would just cover it. I personally find these dinners to be beneficial. I hosted several in the past and I have had a great reaction from my first to my current. Definitely enjoyed meeting up with friends and sharing with the network people I know in the industry.

But in any case the IANteract Dinner is still on and will be at a really nice restaurant. I hope to see everyone in NY tomorrow or whenever. I will be in NY starting tomorrow mid day till Tuesday night. I am pretty much booked with meetings and just hanging with people.

See everyone at Affiliate Summit! Also thanks to Elite Profits for last minute sponsorhsips!

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