Elite Retreat and Turbo Continuity

By Ian Fernando

I have been meaning to post these 2 topics a while a go but with multiple projects I am currently doing, I figured I would just mash these up together and recommend both.

Jeremy is having another Elite Retreat in San Francisco, California. If you have heard about this before then you know this is a more intimate sessions than other conferences. It is also limited access as well with a high steep price for those who want to learn from the expert on a one and one basis. This is very neat because I learn a lot from conferences and people I encounter, I leverage my connections as much as I can. Well, imagine a conference which is 3 days shrunk down to 2 days with less people and more time - do you think you would accomplish more? Probably, especially if it is with the big guys of internet marketing.

What is Elite Retreat all about:

It’s logical if you think about it. What would be the ultimate in valuable communication with a leader or instructor? One-on-one time. It’s why people mob good speakers after a conference talk: everyone wants to have that few minutes of valuable interaction, that ability to talk about their own situation and hope to gain some insight, even if just a tiny taste. The Elite Retreat. It’s unlike any marketing and business event you’ve ever attended, and it’s going to be amazing.

Currently, it is 75% sold out! That means spots are filling in and you will miss out on an a great opportunity. Registration is currently open and I encourage you to do so if you can afford the $4,995 price. I know most of the speakers personally that will be speaking and teaching and it is worth their knowledge to pick their brain on a personal level, I mean it is hard to pick it if they are partying heavy.

Next, I want to show you a video of a young entrepreneur who is taking continuity to a next level. His name is Jordan Hall and he has found and created a system and software to help you earn income while you sleep. Well Jordan has this great system which solves the problems of even the big gurus out there.

What is Continuity?

Continuity is a continuous flow, in marketing a flow of information or products provided to the end user. This can be ebooks, newsletters, upsell on a product, etc. It is a steady flow of consistent 'reminder' you can say. Basically it is uninterrupted information.

With Jordan Halls new continuity system it allows you to sell once and get paid over and over again. What if you can launch a product once and never have to launch a product ever again because of the income stream of just 1 product. Jordan explains this is the video above and even explains that the gurus themselves were happy he has came out with such a software to automate such an old marketing system.

The system comes with several videos and even his software to help with the continuity system. I personally have this system and I am ready to put it into play, just watching all the videos can become time consuming. But after the first couple videos, I can see this being put into action. I have my own 'some what' continuous flow of products once a user buys one of my products, but that is only via my auto responder and affiliate system. I am hoping to put this continuity system into full affect within the next week!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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