eMail Marketing is About Relationships, Data on Promo Offering eMailing

By Ian Fernando

More recently I have gotten into email marketing and I have learned something which I already knew. Create a relationship and just don’t worry about inboxing. This is a long game.

Now it may seem like a very easy concept but as you email you see the revenue come in and you just want to mail and mail and inbox. Let us take a look at some stats real quick:

Here are some stats on my first attempt at email marketing utilizing GetResponse. Now when I say first attempt, I do not mean it is my first time. It is my first time monetizing a ton of data that I haven't mailed in a very long time.

Since we will be doing a comparison, we are going to concentrate on 2 numbers - opens% and ctr%. The above image shows what I think is a solid mailing to the users and getting little complaints from not emailing them in a very long time.

If you are a mailer, please let me know if my numbers are good or bad.

The response is very solid, users are opening the emails and clicking on the links. Clicks within the email are being tracked with AdRoots, a click tracking platform. Now this data is from an ESP (Email Service Provider) and every ESP is different base on deliverability and such.

Still, the data is very compelling the way you mail. The first set of mailing was about building relationship and getting to know the user. We had to warm up IPs with GetResponse as we were using their enterprise version. Sending users interactive emails to encourage engagement, this allowed me to create a high open rate.

Now as you can tell from this blog, my writing isn't great. I hired a copy writer to help with a set of series to get users attention and emotionally attached the first couple weeks. After a good numbers of opens, and clicks - I asked the copy writer to write promo emails to a set of offers.

It did well, until I think the list started getting smarter as we continue to push more offers. Maybe the list started to get saturated? or Maybe the list didn't like the set of new offers being pushed? or maybe they just wanted content?

My thought process is opens should equal to more clicks, not necessarily. Eventually my opens and clicks started dieing and in the beginning I didn’t know why.

Take a look below:

As I increase in my mailing, my opens and ctrs just took a dive. This is when I realize that I didn’t provide any value really, just pushing affiliate offers to the leads. Even though the copy writer did a great job, I believe the issue was that users just got use to the from name and didn't trust it anymore.

So now, I want to try to get back the users attention and get them to focus on some content on sites that I have created around the niche. I have also created a Facebook page to see if they will interact there as well.

It will be simple emails with blog recaps and less sendings to see if they will react differently form day to day

I have been working on trying to create a more eco-systematic way on online marketing, so this is now a learning experience for sure. The data shows just pushing offers to users will not help with your click rate, there should be some sort of value.

Crazy, I been saying this a lot in the past too.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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