Emil is Losing His Hair with PPC Bully!

By Ian Fernando

ppcbully120x600With the world of PPC always changing, there are a ton of tools out there that can help you increase your profits and setup a campaign. The mos popular of the search networks users use to advertise on is Google. Google has the most powerful search engine and it is used on a daily basis, hell it became part of our vocabulary.

Now as affiliate marketers and advertisers, it is becoming hard to advertise on such platform. There are things you have to consider and the most important one is keywords. Keywords play a vital role with search marketing.

But first, Emil and his PPC Bully team are good friends of mine and they have a solid product. I have been using their PPC Bully version 1 and it is a great asset to use. It has helped me find keywords that are useful, where as I would have to figure it out after about a week of data. PPC Bully does this simple task for me and I don't waste money on testing or researching.

If you do not know who Emil is or heard of what PPC Bully is about, listen to a podcast me and Emil had together.

I personally been using PPC Bully to look up profitable campaigns without me doing the testing and hard work. I simply enter a bunch of targeted keywords, give it about a week and I have my data which I can decipher.

PPC Bully even deciphers the data for you. Telling you which ads are more profitable than others, gives you a week data mine of the ads it found, how many times it scanned Google for the content, etc.

With PPC Bully Pre Launching today, Emil and his team is offering a lot of information before you even grab PPC Bully version 2. If you have not been on any of the past PPC Bully webinars, then you need to. Emil's team gives a lot of information and strategies with PPC and using PPC Bully.

Today, I know Emil is giving away several things while on this pre-launch:

  1. A Free PPC Bully Blueprint, which shows you how to create a profitable campaigin in 60 Minutes
  2. 3 video training series on Dominating clickbank, international ppc, and taking over CPA offers
  3. A limited seating to their live webinar, where they will show you how easy it is to launch a campaign with PPC Bully.

Another crazy part of PPC Bully and what Emil is doing is he is giving PPC Bully away for free. Ofcourse participation is required. Visit the PPC Bully Blog and leave a comment about their free report. It is that simple.

Another added bonus, which I am doing, is going to give you FREE access to my basic affiliate training membership site. This is a newly added project I am doing for my affiliates who are promoting any of my products. How do you participate?

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Visit PPC Bully Version 2.0 and Watch Emil as he explains PPC Bully 2.0 without any hair!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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