EngageBDR – Self Serving Convenience in RTB

By Ian Fernando

One of the most exciting recent trends in advertising is the advent of self serve models. These models allow firms absolute control in creating their own ad campaigns. As this model has continued gaining popularity, advertising has already shown as significant jump in quality. And that’s precisely what prompted Engage:BDRto recently release its new RTB Self Serve Platform.

What self serve offers above any other model is control. Self serving advertising platforms allow users to create and manage their own campaigns. This gives them absolute control over the targeted demographic, sources of web traffic, and the advertisements themselves.

There’s no waiting for tech support teams to take content live. Companies are in complete control of their campaigns.

Other self serve advertising like Facebook, MySpace, and Plenty of Fish have utilized targeted advertising for quite some time. However, each of those respective sites limits advertisers in some way. Whether its user/network limitations or ad restrictions, there is less control under their models.

Fortunately, platforms like the Engage:BDRRTB system take this model to an even more advanced level. It streamlines the advertising process across multiple avenues, all within a single platform for ease of use. As mobile and online advertising continue converging, it’s important for advertisers to adopt strategies conducive to success on both sides.

Self service platforms like Engage:BDRstart off fairly simple. Companies sort through the Engage:BDRchannel to determine the best advertising methods. From there, users are given access to multiple sources of traffic, both domestic and international. If necessary, the platform also offers direct response representatives for additional advertising guidance.

Engage:BDR – What They Offer

Taking a look at the Engage:BDRRTB Self Serve Platform in detail, here’s what the system offers:

Types of Inventory:

  • Online Format
  • Mobile Format
  • Video Format (coming soon – expected launch Q2)

3 Tier Traffic Quality

  • Tier 1: Premium traffic directly through the Engage:BDRchannel – all publisher direct, above-the-fold, 1st impression traffic.
  • Tier 2: Mid-Level traffic, above-the-fold, 3rd-5th impression.
  • Tier 3: Remnant/Exchange traffic.

Platform-Specific Tools 

  • Absolute campaign control at all levels, from creative to release
  • Specific demographic targeting, including age, race, income, gender, etc.
  • Specific mobile targeting, including device, carrier, model, OS platform, etc.
  • Mobile ad creator and landing page construction tool.
  • Direct programming interface with Engage:BDRfor creating and implementing company-specific features.
  • iPhone app for on-the-go campaign management 

Again, the critical component EngageBDR offers its customers above any competitor is absolute control With anAPIfor customization, how much more control could a company have? Engage:BDRFirst Impression is a platform with the end-user in mind. As advertising continues refining itself, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge. The Engage:BDRRTB Self Serve Platform helps keep advertising both progressive and convenient.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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