Ewen Chia: Newbie Cash Machine

By Ian Fernando

Late today I received an email from Ewen Chia, and ofcourse he is usually selling something, as any internet marketing guru. But this is a very interesting product. Its for new internet marketers, new people that want money but do not know how to start, new people that want money now. In either case I believe Ewen Chia is releasing this ebook on how to start making profits online for the "noob".

But there are so many "I can Help You Earn" on the internet these days, what makes this different? Well so far he targets the newbies. For example I bought GuruSlayer, which was a horrible eBook, because I knew everything that was stated in that ebook. It is like writing a book on how to ride a bike when you already know how to. The eBook was just full of things that can be easily learned from others and forums. Since I knew the strategies I thought of the eBook as trash.

Well enough of my ramble about GuruSlayer. Ewens, new digital product targets the newbie and will help them step by step, according to his blog. I believe in Ewen and his products because, his successful Affiliate of the Month system has helped many become great affiliates. So since I follow the gurus I went and did some more research.

I decided to go to his blog and see if there is a presell introduction to this product, I found a small entry. Below is a small snippet from his blog.

I recognized that MANY of you are newbie marketers and need help. While you can learn a lot just from going to Google.com and searching for tutorials to learn from, I also acknowledge that these may not be enough and may take too much time. The internet is about speed so you want to become successful fast.

In view of this, I've dedicated myself to creating something that will truly help the newbie (which is not a 'dirty' word - we all start somewhere and I was a newbie before too!). This will bridge the gap, provide a quick and easy step-by-step SYSTEM and allow new marketers to profit from providing VALUE to people...

This is true, there are multiple users out there that are new to the internet marketing field. We are considered noobs, newbie, etc. I consider myself a noob as well, I have only been on the internet for a small a mount of time yet I have learned a lot. If you want to start learning faster, I would assume Ewen has caught all the teachings in his Newbie Cash Machine eBook. I would like to see what this ebook is about, I might end up purchasing it. Once I purchase it I may do a review of it as well, which I usually do.

The sales page introduces the product like so:

Have you ever wished there were a real, honest-to-goodness easy way to make money online, even if you're brand new? Everybody wishes that when they're just starting, and I have good news...

This is a good intro because it makes the user feel the need to start doing something now! Again, this ebook might be an introduction, or an actual blueprint of how to create wealth online.

Ewen states, this is an easy step-by-step guide for setting up your own website quickly, and "switching on" your cash-pumping machines so fast your friends might get whiplash - and they'll be jealous beyond belief!

Newbie Cash Machine consists of ow to research markets the way Ewen does...which he'll walk you through step-by-step, with screen shots of exactly which sites to check and how to pick the best market every time!

After reading all the sale hype, it seems that Ewen Chia has backed up his item with a good guarantee. After 8 weeks if you do not like his product and let him prove his techniques to you he will refund your money 100%! Try this out and see what it has done for you within in 8 weeks.

If you are willing to put in the effort, just follow the right guide and guru; you will be there. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars unnecessary if you have the right people guiding you along the way. It is also not a dream to be able to profit richly from the Internet, if you know how.

Ewen has 10 years of proven online Internet Marketing experience and secrets; all revealed in plain English with a step-by-step system for you to make money online. You cannot go wrong with such a simple system and reputable guru.

Be reminded again that it is not just a money churning machine for you without any effort on your part. Also, it is not flushed with money overnight. You would need time to develop it, stay focus, follow the steps and your reward will come.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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