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By Ian Fernando

Te affiliate industry is changing and either networks are going downhill, bring bought out, or struggling to stay up. Successful networks need not to worry because they know they are on point. Recently i was approach to join a network called Executive Fortunes. This is a new affiliate cpa network that wants to stick out and be different than everyone else.

I am going to breakdown their network, helping you decide if you want to run with them. I had my fair share of networks that I participated in, so I will break down this network by offers and tracking. This network is also having a network contest, which is giving up their company's earnings for the month of July.

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First you will notice Executive Fortunes uses HasOffers as their tracking platform. I personally never had any issues with a network that ran a HasOffers platform. Looking around it seems they have about 120ish offers, more so in the diet and biz opp area. They have categories that are empty that I was looking forward to see what kind offers they had. I think that should be adjusted or just removed.

Talking to Tyler he seems like a cool dude, I personally never met him but maybe will see hm at Affiliate Summit East. One thing his networks says is a 24 hour support, which is very necessary. Personally, I always usually have my AM number and I can call them anytime.

I remember I had an issue at 1am and I called my affiliate manager to resolve the issue and followed up with me the next day. This is great because you get to tell your affiliate manager the issue and the possibility to resolve it on the spot. Most of the time most affiliate managers won't work with you on a 24 hour basis unless you do the volume that is needed or have a strong relationship with that specific AM.

So the way this works is each publisher is assigned 2 AMs, one for the normal business hours and one for after hours. This is cool, I personally know a whole network that I can communicate with anyone and they are all able to help me. Being in a smaller network means more of a close tight relationship.

Executive Fortunes wants to make sure they have your trust and will give you the 24 hour support you deserve, not too sure how many AMs Executive Fortunes has that are participating in the 24 hour support. But having 2 AMs means you are being taken care of.

Their referral program is real interesting, it is also like being an affiliate manager but not really working for the network. Their referral program works by giving you the full profit margin earned by the publisher. They are doing this for a full year. This is a first!

...but the publisher you referred have to earn $2,000 each month to gain that full profit margin.

Executive Fortunes Contest

With the support they are having, they are also having a contest that started 2 days ago. They are raffling off the company's July earnings to 3 publishers. That means Executive Fortunes won't profit for the month of July, I think that is pretty cool. So they are giving away the company's earnings to 3 publishers at random.

Executive Fortunes will also be attending Affiliate Summit East in August as well as Ad:Tech in November. So I look forward to meeting the team.

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Ian Fernando
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