Exit Pop Ups: The Reason they Convert

By Ian Fernando

I have several sale pages for several products. The more popular ones I add in a little exit popup script, but its not those pop up pages scripts, it is those un-stoppable popups. These popups create an overlay over your current website. It is a really creative idea because it notices when a user will be leaving the active windows screen and if they do a popup occurs.

I use various ones and I spent a good amount on a more interactive one. I have found one where it is really cheap and works with all browsers. Exit Magnet Pro is a very simple exit overlay popup. This catches the attention of your users and gives you another chance to sell something to them. I currently use this marketing tactics to sell multiple copes of a popular trend. I offer one thing and then I attempt to offer another item at a lower price. This works!

There are many reason why exit pop up works.

  1. Able to capture leads
  2. Able to Down sell
  3. Give them information that wasn't spoken about in the sales pages
  4. Ability to Explain Why your product is far better than others
  5. Provide a free report
  6. Offer a discount

There are so many ways to use Exit Pop Ups to try and re capture your traffic to convert. I use this tactic on 3 sales pages that are fairly popular and I would like to either capture their email or even try to sell them another product. On 2 sales pages I capture leads and another one I just simply just provide another product at a reduced price. I am giving something of value in return for an action by the end user.

With this unique way to capture leads a lot of scripts are being created to even capture and have the end user convert. They even have chat agents that speak to your end users to try to either get them to convert. Some of these exit pop ups create a lot of creative interaction with the end user. The goals of these scripts is to get the end user to convert. If it is either capturing their name and email or getting them to purchase your item.

With Exit Pop Ups I am giving my users that are 'somewhat' interested in a product a second chance to look and re think their decision. This is similar to a car sales guy. He will do everything in his power to try to sell to the buyer if it is lowering their price or getting some information to followup. It is important to think your buyers are people and to have some type of connection.

A lot of marketers find this obstructive. I agree and it does get annoying but think about this, we know the tactic, we know the knowledge about marketing, we have advance our minds more so than others; so to us it is obstructive and annoying. To other people who we are trying to targt it may not be obstructive at all, it may be a fact that they actually enjoy the popup to try to communicate to that person once more.

Also we try to target the weak, as marketers we want to get the new people that do not know a lot, it is easier to sell to these typse of buyers. Why do you think a lot of end users buy ebooks about making money online BUT we as marketers do not fall for that trickery. The big difference is our mindsets.

But I use exit pop ups with my popular products because they work. I capture leads by providing something signeficent or down selling another type of product to my end users. If I am getting a lot of traffic especially via PPC, I need to have that type of traffic convert some how.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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