Expand Keywords Using the Wonder Wheel

By Ian Fernando

Last time I talk about keywords was when I was using my whiteboard and giving a basic training on it. It was my first time and it was hard to see what I was writing. So today, I have a very visual way to show you how to expand your keywords without really thinking, it is called the Google Wonder Wheel.

This is such a powerful tool that I didn't ever want to post about it. But I see all these other blogs posting about it why not. Plus they just show you 1 way to use it. I know several ways to use it and I will show you an extra way to use it.

The difference with this post and the others is that it is not going to be an introduction video to use he wonder wheel but I can show you where to find an extra set of keywords using the wonder wheel. So enough talk and lets just get into the basic breakdown of the wonder wheel.


What is the Wonder Wheel?

The wonder wheel is a way to display relevant search terms base on your main search. Clicking on each newly geneated term will provide you with a new relevant search term base on the keyword inside the main bubble.

So that is what it means. With the video I made helping explaing how to expand keywords, well Google does this for you and it is base on their data they have. Which is cool because it is less research for you and more importantly you do not have to think. SO that is a plus.

What can you benefit from this? Well simple newly targeted keywords that you can use. Each time you click on a keyword that keyword is some how related to teh first keyword you started with. For example in the video you will see that I started off with "weight loss." I went about 4-5 deep with the wonder wheel and those keywords will related to the main set of keywords some how, no matter how general it is. Some how they are related and related for search!

Now you have a set of keywords from google search that you can start using. Now I want to show you that I can show you a whole new range of keywords by using the wonder wheel on a different site such as YouTube. Since YouTube is part of Google, they have implemented the wonder wheel within their system.

The best part about this is that you will get 2 different set of keywords with different depth levels. Also the reason you are getting such a different set of search terms is because YouTube's search patterns differ from Google's traditional search. So this gives you a big advantage in gathering more types of complex keywords that you may not think of.

The video below will show you the Wonder Wheel in both Google and YouTube, showing you 2 different set of keyword results.


One being that since youtube viewers search differently than Google searchers then you will get different results. Different results means different keyword phrase that are related to your main search terms. This gives you a leverage over others since you can start using this data to expand within Google search and use the wonder wheel to find more relevant words.

Hope the video was good!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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