Facebook Advances: All About Getting Noticed

By Ian Fernando

I have been so busy lately, that I have forgotten about some of my projects. They are small projects too. One that I wanted to get out early with the release of the marketplace in Facebook, was delayed by several months. But NOW finally it's released!

First I want to thank Carl and Heather who has helped me make this little ebook a little more informative. I have been delaying this ebooks because I wanted to make it unique and not make it a "make money with facebook" ebook. But since there are small ways to generate a little income from Facebook it does go into some detail, plugins and marketplace. I just think there is too much crap within this particular niche, that a lot of people ignore the ebooks that are on the internet. So I have decided to make a small ebook 20 plus pages of good information.

Facebook Advances is a simple ebook on plugins, organization, and networking.

Here is a small snippet from the sales page I created.

  • Have Your Own Buy Me a Beer Application
  • What are some money making Plugins
  • How to structure your Facebook profile
  • Learn to use the marketplace for Affiliates and eBook

The sales page is small because its a simple ebook. I do not need to make a HUGE SCROLL sales page when the concept of Facebook is simple networking.

If you have been following my blog you will probably question yourself, "FaceBook Advances is already on your Blog Ian." That is true, it is all right here. But there are other aspects within the ebook that are not mentioned on my blog.

For example Carl has typed up a great page on Facebook Markup Language, giving the high school student an understanding of code. Similar to HTML except its Facebook own language, FBML. I also speak of plugins that are good to be used, but Heather gathered a good list of money making plugins. I think college students will enjoy this ebook due to the fact it is informative.

The Reason for this eBook

When Facebook Marketplace came out, I wanted to create an ebook/report on how to use it. It would have been a good hit since it was still brand new and now it is more advance, but still has similarities.

With the growth of the Marketplace I decided to make and overall concept of Facebook on my blog, especially for bloggers. Then it has digressed into an informative ebook about Facebook and getting more exposure via by layout and structural design.

Then I could not make a good enough ecover, so I gave it to my graphics designer. He designed my Forum Marketing ecover and BlackJack Hacks ecover. He has done banner work for me as well and designed graphical buttons as well. I understand he has other freelance projects going on, which is fine with me. Just getting him to be on top of my project without pushing it aside was the hard part, so days went by and then months! I just then decided to pay someone for the Facebook ecover above; I say it came out nice.

Now finally it has been released and what a better time too, since the release of the new theme and projects I have been working on, I am very amped to start making it on the internet!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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