FaceBook Advances: Darren and John are your Friends

By Ian Fernando

As you know the top bloggers that make income from blogging are John Chow and Darren Rowse (my opinion). These 2 bloggers have a great influential to the blogging industry. They both provide great advice on how to earn money by simply just blogging.

The amazing part about these two authors is they both have facebook accounts! I suggest adding both of these as your friends. I say this because there is a lot of interactivity within their facebook profiles. Darren and John post questions, they are part of the Blog Friend network, they interact with readers, etc. So here are their profiles below.

I will dissect each profile and add in my views as to why you should add these top bloggers as friends.

Dissecting Darren Rowse's Profile

Darre's profile is very interactive he provides questions to his readers and we will answer. This provides a lot of feedback to Darren and to us readers. Darren makes his profile interactive to his users, because relation ships means a lot to bloggers and readers. Creating that relationship means you have consistent readers, consistent traffic, and consistent income.

Another part I like about his profile is the plugins he uses. Two of the ones I like are StumbleUpon and ofcourse the BlogFriends.

StumbleUpon is great because I can view what pages Darren recently like and read. I can then view these web pages and have a feel of what Darren is thinking at the time of his reading. Is this how Darren figures out what to write? Is this how Darren becomes smarter or for entertainment? etc.

BlogFriends is just a great network plugin; this was spoken of yesterday in my Widgets, Plugins, and Application post.

Earlier I said Darren post questions within his profile; this is great interaction with Darren. The same goes when Darren answers your comments within the profile. This is just like another version of his blog because he interacts with his network on his blog or on his Facebook profile.

Also Darren is more interactive - as he is part of 30 groups. Interacting in 30 groups is time consuming in itself.

Dissecting John Chow's Profile

John Chow's FaceBook profile is very similar to Darre's as it similar to almost all profiles. There is a small difference, while still have both the My Questions and BlogFriends widget, it seems John's Blog Friends maybe stronger and bigger (my opinion).

But other than that - its still interactive, though John do not have videos about blogging as Darren does (Weekly Video).

John Chow is part of 11 groups, more targeted to finance and blogging. One user created a group called I read John Chow.com. This is a great group to join since you can interact with all of John Chows Facebookers.


There really is not big difference, the key to learn from both profiles is the interaction they create and has brought over from their blog. Creating that interaction brings your readers back viewing your Facebook profile or even viewing your blog.

The simple ways of just asking questions or answering comments on your blog, in this case facebook profiles, creates a sense of relationship between user and reader. You do not act as better than another person but you help others reach goals that you are at.

With Darren and John, both created that environment easily. They answer comments, and they interact with all their Facebook members. In return both receive a lot of Facebook love and blog readership love.

With out that relationship, their blogs is just another blog in the blogosphere. Creating that relationship provides them with consistent traffic and popularity.

Ian Fernando's Facebook profileWithin Facebook - adding these two as friends and participating within their profiles create a sense of interaction and networking within their own network.You can get in contact with John's friends as well as Darren's, even join the groups they are part of.

But Darren's and John's profile is not all about money making or receiving more exposure, it is their own personal Facebook. They do not overload their blogs everywhere, they interact with readers, and have their own comfort zone on the internet.

Becoming friends with these 2 top bloggers is the easiest way of receiving exposure from the 2 most popular bloggers on the internet and the blogosphere.

To the left is my Facebook badge, if you would like you can add me as a friend as well.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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