FaceBook Advances: Organization and Structure

By Ian Fernando

The great aspect of Facebook is the way you can easily move certain tables around to fit your mood and desire. Everything is done with ajax, so the movement is as if you are working on your desktop. Take your widgets and plugins and move them easily to the side bar or to the main canvas.

There is kind of a trick to having a good creative profile page. You will need to treat it as if its your own webpage or blog. See where the traffic flows? What tends to stick out? Where is the most viewable area? etc. These questions can help you monetize or direct traffic to your website or blog.

It really all depends on how you look and monetize your other landing pages. I tend to keep or try to keep readers scrolling to the bottom. Within my own profile, I have it organize in a way where my blog comes first before any of the other applications. I have small plugins and pictures to my left sidebar. I even put certain widgets next to big pictures.

Social media is meant to be about looking at each others pictures, videos, comments, and hearing gossip. With those aspects of social media and networking I will use those to my advantages. Under my friends list I have my marketplace - it is where I sell my books and affiliate programs. Right underneath that I have the traditional application which shows the pictures I have uploaded. Right below that I have a "Sponsor Me" plugin, which ask my friends to buy me a beer.

I do not have Buy me a Beer on my Blog, but within Facebook it is a different aspect.

Then I have the regular plugins that I like personally. Later I have another plugin called Cash Cliques and its next to my mobile uploads and video.

The point is all my necessary plugins or windows that I want to be seen are setup in a way where there is a flow and can be easily noticed because of the layout of the profile. By simply adding my BlogFriends above the traditional "my information" window and right underneath my mini-feed - they see that first before anything else.

By having pictures on my canvas page and adding small plugins that can possibly earn more cash or cause a redirect to my blog, tends to get seen more than a plugin window all the way at the bottom or near the top.

Videos and pcitures prove to be a good way to attract users and facebookers. That is what facebook is about, seeing new pictures of you, watching recommended videos you post up, reading what others have to say to you, etc. Using these aspects within Facebook can help you direct a little traffic to your landing pages.

You need to think as well, if this was my main landing page, where would I put it? If I was a reader is this window annoying? Is there a flow within your main facebook profile?

These questions will help you determine your layout. Since Facebook is nothing like Myspace, where organization is limited and the style is only changeable. Facebook gives you more freedom to put things where you want. These are the only windows that you can not really change and move:

  1. The Mini Feed
  2. Friends
  3. Information can not be move to the left sidebar
  4. Education and Work can not be moved to the left sidebar
  5. Friends in other networks can not be moved to the right main canvas
  6. The Wall can not be moved to the left canvas

These are the windows that can not be adjusted base on Facebook. Other plugins' windows may vary depending on the content it is providing as well. Here is my Facebook Layout (it is cut off due to its length):

You can easily tell there is a flow and the structure is good (my opinion), as it provides visual yet tendency to earn some redirects or extra clicks. Keeping the flow of readers is important within a blog and within any landing page. Your profile is a landing page because readers/users are landing on your page to read more or find some gossip about you.

Overall, Facebook is a great tool to use when trying to gather some extra traffic. Its ease of use and simplicity makes it far superior to Myspace.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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