FaceBook Advances: Properly Using the MarketPlace

By Ian Fernando

I prefer to market on FaceBook because it isn’t overcrowded. There are limited items within the FaceBook MarketPlace.

The best part about the marketplace is your item gets rotated on everyone’s main page once they log on to FaceBook. Near the right hand side under New Stuff it will list an item that has recently been submitted in your network!

That is important, depending what network you are in they will only show you items that were submitted within your area or network.

For example let’s say a college student want to sell his last semester book to a new student, he list it on FaceBook. Since he is part of his school name’s network only the students that log on under that specific network will see it.

Now, if you are part of a bigger network, let say a county of your state. You will see more recent listing than one who is part of a college network. Facebook was geared toward college communities only, and now they have expanded their network so everyone can join. Since we know having a big network is important, as this matters when you are trying to sell or promote a product.

I have listed several items on FaceBook when I first saw the marketplace and I right away tested it by adding 2 e-books and an affiliate link.

When you visit the marketplace they have somewhat of a scroll for newly listed items. Below is a screenshot of the mini scroll of newly listed items. You can see 2 of my popular e-Books and a ClickBank affiliate link.

The title is shown followed by a brief introduction of what you write within the description. Your description of the product is important! I tend to create a controversy when I list or sell items.

Your title should be General, what is your product or service. Make it simple you do not need to spend time on your name it’s the description that plays a roll.

The FIRST line of your description should create a controversy. As you can see from the 3 items I listed they all ask a type of question before it gets cut off (CLEP, Tactical Forum Marketing, Black Jack Hacks and Tweaks). I believe it cuts off after 50 characters, with spaces. So the main line should create or entice the reader reading your one line description. If you look at the other descriptions, it does not attract the mind. Users buy solutions to their problems!

When you first submit an item you come the main interface category. There are very little categories but that does not matter. Once you click on the major categories you are provided with minor categories, again they are not too diverse.

Since most of my products are digital or affiliated links I post my ebooks in For Sale, since it is for sale. Some of the affiliated links I put in careers, especially the make money niche. Here is a snapshot.

Choosing the right category is very important as for choosing any category in eBay. Though the categories are not as diverse browsing through them will save you time.

Cheap Promotions

Another great concept about the FaceBook MarketPlace is the advertising they do for you, and its DIRT cheap! FaceBook call these flyers, which makes sense because they post flyers to each persons main page.

You get 500 flyers for 1$. Which you can pay via a Credit Card. What the flyer does is gets you more exposure. Getting more exposure means you get a higher conversion on your sale.

You will notice FaceBook will show you your surrounding networks and its population. Choosing the network you want to advertise in, is important too. You do not want to advertise to a small network or a big network, especially if you are not paying for HUGE amount of flyers. Remember you only get 500 flyers to distribute to each person main page. If a network has 32,000 members you are only advertising to 500 of them, and I believe it’s on random.

The only benefit of getting the flyer is to advertise to users OUTSIDE of your network, since FaceBook already advertise your items for FREE to users within your network through their Mini Feed.

Once you are done and have submitted your product to the marketplace it is easily viewable via the recently added within the marketplace. It will also be advertised within your mini feed and others as well. Click Here for a Screen Shot.

Once it is submitted you can even see your items on your main profile. It will be towards the left hand side, saying items in my marketplace. (Box can me moved via Ajax) When a user clicks on it an ajax presentation happens and pulls the item up with its description. Here is a snapshot of one of my popular listing.

FaceBook MarketPlace can be used to help advertise your affiliate as well. Since FaceBook MarketPlace acts as a classified ad section, there is really no form of authenticating if it’s a truly physical product or digital product.

It follows the same concept as posting a digital product or your own product. Its just posting someone else's product.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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