Facebook Flyer Pro: Cost Per Click that Hates Me

By Ian Fernando

I have been playing around with FaceBook Flyers for a while and so far I have been banned, suspended, no credit given, etc. Today, I have decided to play around with Facebook Flyer Pro. Facebook Flyer Pro is I think may be better, since I pay per click and not impressions.

So today I chose a good ebook from Clickbank with good gravity and a specific niche within a college community. Facebook over all demographics is mostly college students, graduates, students in general. So I have decided to chose a pretty good product from Clickbank to advertise. I also added an ID to the link as so I know if it is coming from Facebook.

The idea here is to see if my pay Per Click Campaign on Facebook does better than my Adwords campaign. I also want to see if I will have a better ROI in one day of advertising on Facebook. I have read a lot about Facebook Flyers, but with the Pro I decided to hold off on it until I started to read more about it from others.

Today I was reading Yaro Starok post about Facebook Flyers. Since he started using it I decided as well to go ahead and just test the damn Flyer Pro on Facebook. Like I said most of the demographics of Facebook are college students, so I have chosen a good product which will or should be a return if clicked. I really want to know what percentage of clicks are coming across and what the percentage of buyers from the clicks.

Yaro says:

Imagine a pay per click advertising service that can even differentiate the political views of the audience. With Facebook Flyers Pro you can target single people (think dating affiliate programs), or engaged people (think wedding products), males or females only, specific age brackets and education status.

But today when I tried to test this CPC system on Facebook, later I just wanted to check impressions and see if it started sending out the flyer, and I got a Advertising Violation. I was like damn what is this Facebook don't want me advertising. I read their Advertising TOS and found nothing that can go against my advertising with maybe this:

Adult content, including nudity, sexual terms, adult dating content or services, and/or images of people in positions or activities that are excessively suggestive or sexual;

This was strange to me because I do not think my image or content was suggesting sex. I see ads on Facebook with females and their tits out! That is definitely suggesting sex. By the way here is my ad that I tried to advertise on Facebook. Look left.

Does this ad suggest sex? I was advertising a workout product from Clickbank. My description was not even sexually related to anything but exercise and working out. I am confuse on who critiques the Facebook Flyers.

I want to test out Facebook Flyers and yet I was unsuccessful because of such weird or less standard rules. This is a WEIGHT LOSS product! Later today I will find something that should be able to pass Facebook Flyers standards and maybe I should see some good results.

I think I might just put a picture of "SpongeBob Squarepant" but I think that might be over violation, I do not know. I will be looking at some criterias on what other students look for or what they do on Facebook to get amore better visual idea on a another product to test FB Flyers.

There is another version of Facebook Flyers where you just pay for total impressions and not clicks. I did this a while back when they first came out and I tested it on one of my popular ebooks and I got banned, stating if I wanted to sell something I should use the Marketplace! WTF! So far with Facebook advertising I have been getting bad results, I do not know why.

A post at WhyDoWork shows that he has had bad return on the Flyers:

15 clicks on 15,000 impressions. I’ve done quite a bit of advertising online and 0.09% is probably my most disappointing click through rate of all time. The flyer created was well written and targetted and I was expecting more from Facebook.

Another negative opinion on Facebook Flyers is on a tech blog by ValleyWag:

Media buyers -- the agency people who book campaigns -- report that the college social network is a truly terrible target. They're mainly students, with low disposable income, of course; but, beyond that, the users appear to be too busy leaving messages for eachother to show much interest in advertising.

Well I currently do not have any stats since my flyers seem to be flagged by Facebook. I will try another one later today in hopes to have it approved and start to see some return or atleast some stats if FB Flyers are any good for advertisers and affiliates.

I mean Facebook is ranked #7 by Alexa! That means it has tons of users reading the gossip they have everyday. Before when I first started to market on Myspace, I thought to myself Social networks are really not that powerful and I wrote a report, since my Myspace Profile got deleted not once but 2 times! Well here is Facebook Alexa stats:

And before the day ends I should get a Facebook Flyer going so I can see its reactions.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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