Facebook Gave Out Strategies

By Ian Fernando

... and I am giving it to you. Well if you were at Affiliate Summit you would probably gotten a free USB drive which is cheap cause it was only 128mb. Others like buy.at were 1gig! But in any case I plugged the USB in and to my surprise there are some docs on there that are useful. Like targeting and utilizing age and birthdays.

So guess what since it has been several days since Affiliate Summit I have decided to just give you the documents to the docs that Facebook provided. There are 7 documents which Facebook provided I will just give them to you. This is why you should attend Affiliate Summit, free good information!

So I got a free USB drive and some good documents and information from Facebook, grab your downloads.

Facebook Friendly Marketing

In order to get the 7 documents simply just enter your Twitter Credentials below. Remember I will not store your information. There will be a single public tweet and then you will be redirected to the Facebook Documents I received while at ASE.

The 7 documents has facebook contacts, how to setup facebook ads, facebook targeting, using the reporting system, etc. The documents are pretty worth while to read through. Especially if you do not know how to start facebook or what to look for these documents are worth reading through.

If you ever want to get started in Facebook and Social advertising, these quick fire documents are worth a good read through. They give you the foundation and understanding of what to expect from Facebook Ads.

Just enter your Twitter Details below. Again, this is a secure form and it will never store your password.

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Don't forget to say thanks in the comments =P

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