Facebook Social Ads: Re Attempt 2

So a couple days ago I wrote about how I was getting back into Facebook social ads. Well, I have some results and they are some great stats! Not Really. But I will show you some of my stats. Facebook Social Ads is really annoying because of the approval process. I am working with Neil and I also met Charles on Twitter and he is also currently helping me to get to a good daily ROI. Though I hate bothering people and asking advice because most of it can be found on the internet. I admit, I hate it when I am bombarded with emails and IM. Especially if the questions are very basic, like really basic. (another topic)

Well let’s start looking at some pictures, below you will see a graph. How ugly is it. This is one of the worst stats I have seen. I have gotten a lot of impressions and poor CTR. I have learned that CTR really does not matter on Facebook. I am re-thinking about CTR a lot lately ever since I been working with Facebook ads. That is another topic.

Here is a screenshot of my beutiful clicks:

But my CTR is so poor, the same goes for conversions. It maybe because I have not spent enough on my ads. I want to throw money at facebook but they don’t want it. No clue why. But for the clicks vs impressions vs conversions are just crap. I had other campaigns prior to these, I have filtered a lot of approved campaigns and ended up with these (below screen shot). Here are the verticals I am or was currently running on Facebook:

  • Downloads
  • Diets/Weight Lost
  • Dating
  • Video Rentals
  • Educational
  • Games

Those were all the verticals I was running or currently running. I had a lot of clicks for downloads, but no conversions. I also had a lot of clicks for games and again no conversions. I think the audience on Facebook are more tech savy or ‘scared’ of downloads. BTW – I was doing all Direct Linking.

Here is the stats of my beutiful campaigns:

As you can see my stats are pretty crap compared to my other PPC networks. BUT I am not going to quit! I am working with 2 Facebook experts and I hope to at least get to 350$ positive ROI. If I can, then this will be another source of income I am glad I joined and re tested. If I can get 350$ positive ROI then I can pretty much scale it from there.

The annoying parts of Facebook Social Ad is definitely the approval process. I had a campaign approved for a Diet vertical and I wanted to split test age range, so I kept the same ad copy and everything, with the exception of the age range and it got denied – WTF! I did not know why it was disapproved since the first ad was approved and all I change was the age range!

Well I hope I can throw more money at Facebook and make some money, because hearing and reading from others making close to 500$ a day on a single campaign and making 10k a month really motivates me. Again I started back in the day and I hate the process, but if people are banking – I want to own the BANK!

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