Facebook Social Ads: Re Attempt 2

By Ian Fernando

So a couple days ago I wrote about how I was getting back into Facebook social ads. Well, I have some results and they are some great stats! Not Really. But I will show you some of my stats. Facebook Social Ads is really annoying because of the approval process. I am working with Neil and I also met Charles on Twitter and he is also currently helping me to get to a good daily ROI. Though I hate bothering people and asking advice because most of it can be found on the internet. I admit, I hate it when I am bombarded with emails and IM. Especially if the questions are very basic, like really basic. (another topic)

Well let's start looking at some pictures, below you will see a graph. How ugly is it. This is one of the worst stats I have seen. I have gotten a lot of impressions and poor CTR. I have learned that CTR really does not matter on Facebook. I am re-thinking about CTR a lot lately ever since I been working with Facebook ads. That is another topic.

Here is a screenshot of my beutiful clicks:

But my CTR is so poor, the same goes for conversions. It maybe because I have not spent enough on my ads. I want to throw money at facebook but they don't want it. No clue why. But for the clicks vs impressions vs conversions are just crap. I had other campaigns prior to these, I have filtered a lot of approved campaigns and ended up with these (below screen shot). Here are the verticals I am or was currently running on Facebook:

  • Downloads
  • Diets/Weight Lost
  • Dating
  • Video Rentals
  • Educational
  • Games

Those were all the verticals I was running or currently running. I had a lot of clicks for downloads, but no conversions. I also had a lot of clicks for games and again no conversions. I think the audience on Facebook are more tech savy or 'scared' of downloads. BTW - I was doing all Direct Linking.

Here is the stats of my beutiful campaigns:

As you can see my stats are pretty crap compared to my other PPC networks. BUT I am not going to quit! I am working with 2 Facebook experts and I hope to at least get to 350$ positive ROI. If I can, then this will be another source of income I am glad I joined and re tested. If I can get 350$ positive ROI then I can pretty much scale it from there.

The annoying parts of Facebook Social Ad is definitely the approval process. I had a campaign approved for a Diet vertical and I wanted to split test age range, so I kept the same ad copy and everything, with the exception of the age range and it got denied - WTF! I did not know why it was disapproved since the first ad was approved and all I change was the age range!

Well I hope I can throw more money at Facebook and make some money, because hearing and reading from others making close to 500$ a day on a single campaign and making 10k a month really motivates me. Again I started back in the day and I hate the process, but if people are banking - I want to own the BANK!

Be Sure to watch Out for More Updates!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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