Fast Income with Digital Products

By Ian Fernando

Sometimes when I am down with affiliate marketing and I need fast money to get back some budget back or if I think there is a market for a product, I attack it as fast as possible with a digital product. Well there was a market for such a product that I decided to go ahead and attack. I have been creating some Build a Niche Stores lately and I hate the fact I will look like everyone else. When I first started it took me several hours to play around with the code and template.

So with me wanting to be different, I bet there are others out there that probably have 50 or more BANS sites which look all alike. I thought to myself if I want to be unique there has to be ONE other person that wants to stick out and be different. I decided to go ahead and create 3 templates which can be easily customizable via colors and themes, base on the niche.

Build a Niche Store is a powerful script which is being downloaded all the time. I keep getting checks from Clickbank and when checking my stats it is the Build a Niche Store which is being downloaded. I saw a problem with this popularity, repetition. I decided to cure this by creating a simple digital product for sale.

You probably heard all the gurus say having your own product is the best way in making money online, you get full profit. Well creating a digital product is not that easy, I might start next week as a digital product week. But having your own product is fun and it is very well entertaining. You can easily see the fast money coming in. Below is a screen shot of my dashboard of paypal when I first login, you can see the profit of my new digital product. You can also see the 50$ I spent on the pass for IZEAFest.

Though it is not a lot of money from my dashboard, I think it was successful because I am making money everyday and I have everything automated from when someone hits the buy it now button to the download. I am making money while I am sleeping and I think I am doing an ok job at it. You can see from the above screenshot it is possible to make money online, even creating your own digital product.

A lot of marketers or gurus that make their own ebook or digital product will say to have your own product it is fast and it is simple to create and easy to sell. I have been doing a lot of digital products especially ebooks and scripts. This was my first time selling templates for a very popular product on the market. It was a success and I actually liked it. I encountered some errors with my affiliate script but it has worked perfectly and I bet I have more sales.

There are several aspects that I think you need to have or follow before you make or create your own digital product. All next week I will discuss about creating a digital product, but here are the break downs:

  1. Find a Demanding/Problematic Market
  2. Offer a Solution to the Problem - Survey the Market
  3. Brain Storm Your Idea
  4. Create it on your Own or Out Source?
  5. Is your product solving the problem or just adding to the other range of products/services
  6. How to Price your New Product
  7. Promote to Who?
  8. Entice Beggars
  9. Have Affiliates
  10. Bank!

I will discuss all of this next week, it will be a series of creating a digital product.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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