Father Son Networking

By Ian Fernando

This weekend was very busy and before I forget, Happy Belated Mothers Day to all mothers and work at home moms!

This weekend I was just entertained with work I had to do, spring cleaning, and ofcourse yesterdays' mothers day visit. I enjoyed yesterday as me and my dad was speaking of internet marketing and how I am doing etc. Fathers always want to know what you are up to. So I explained to him several things I am doing and my other plans.

Lately my dad has been intrigue of internet marketing and has done his own research. He will even give me tips and pointers on topics I might have overseen or over read. Again, he has become very interested in internet marketing. He even got his own clickbank ID and will soon start affiliate marketing as I am.

Me being his son, I am very excited that he has decided to do internet marketing. Why? What is better than a father son relationship and team? He teaches me I teach him. I am more tech savy than my father but he reads more than I do. I tend to skim and not read. Once I skim I tend to test. That is how I learn fast, by failing at my test and learning from them.

My dad on the other hand, has started email marketing. But he explained to me that he has done several emails to his friends but made each email personal. He said one time he stood up late just because he wanted to get the emails out. I explained to him there are softwares out there that can help assits you, or better yet get a blog. I explained to him the benefits of both and how it can easily speed up his process.

Email systems, send each email out to the end user and you just have to write it once. Though it will not be as personal as you want it to be, you can still put a touch of yourself in it that all end users can relate too and know that it is you. Email Marketing is a great way of reaching out to users. They will either delete, get filtered, read, or move it to the spam box. Either way email marketing is great especially if you have users that are interested in reading your email, they may be a potential buyer if you have a product exposed within the email.

Blogs, is a great way of getting the word out to your end users. Write it once and tell them to visit your site. Well not tell them, explain the benefits of visiting your website etc. Blog are becoming more and more popular these days as we grow into Web 2.0. Everyone wants to know what everyone is doing, the gossips.

Blogs are very popular these days as there is a personal touch to it and it is very unique.When I say unique, meaning content. Since you are writing the content, making it unique.

I explained to my dad that I can help him start up on something small such as Blogger.com so he can go a head and see how he likes blogging. if he likes it I would advise him to get a full dot com. He says that he just wants to do this part time, on the weekends. A part time marketer! That is great.

Internet marketing is a great way of earning a secondary source of income or your first. My dad is retired and since he sees me achieving success online, he would like to go ahead and test this out. We even bought a new computer yesterday just to get things up and running and ofcourse I set it up for him. Their last PC was about 8 years old, and now that he has Vista on there he may have to get use to the new formats and layouts, as his last system was Windows 2000.

I will be looking into Blogger for my dad to see if it is the most easiest way for him to blog.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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