Find PPV Targets and Niches with Bevo Media PPV Spy Tool

By Ian Fernando

Mid last week I got an email from Ryan at Bevo Media about an amazing new tool for PPV marketers. It is a spy view of PPV offers, niches, and targets. PPV traffic is still a popular traffic source and is a prominent traffic source, Bevo came out with a spy tool which can help marketers find targets for their offers as well as the ability to spy o their competition.

I decided to get this spy tool and see what it is about, I mean any spy tool which can give you leverage is powerful in itself. I logged into my Bevo Media account and activated the PPV Spy module. At first glance you are pretty much overwhelmed with the current popups it has recently captured.

It is pretty amazing the popups it has found and to see what others are promoting and where they are promoting is a goldmine in itself. The best part is you just hover over a popup and it will break it down into targets, niches, and offers.

It is interesting to see that it will give you the full range of targets for a specific popup. This means less research for you as a marketer because you can find out popular url targets. Bevo's PPV Spy tool, is broken down into 3 parts: PopUps, Offers, Niches. You can search through hundreds of offers, niches, and popups to find the demanding targets.

The reason why I think this will be a great asset is because very little research is going to be done on your part. I just log into Bevo Media pick a niche or find the offer and find the listed targets. Once  have them I simply just copy and paste into the PPV network.


This will cause a huge bidding war depending on the ppv network users use.

The other aspect you can find is the type of landers being populated and used. You will see multiple landers multiple times, means it is a working lander. While I personally noticed that most direct linked to the offer, some niches actually use crafty designed landers. That is one aspect which gives you the benefit above others, seeing what works and what doesn't. Obviously, you do not want to steal and just manipulate it to make it your own.

Having this tool is definitely worth having especially if you do not want to do too much research in the PPV space. Finding and testing urls and keywords can be time consuming. Let this PPV Spy tool do the work and just utilize the data it provides you. The most important factors why it is worth taking a look at is the type of offers being promoted on which targeted URLs. This alone cuts most of your work in half.

Watch this intro video below:

This is a module addon, just log into Bevo Media and you will see the PPV Spy tool in the upper right hand corner.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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