Find Relevant Traffic NOT Just Traffic

By Ian Fernando

As you start making money online you want to start to scale things out and start finding traffic sources. If you are buying or finding traffic sources for free. There are tons of ways to get traffic, the most important part is not getting traffic, its relevant traffic.

en promoting anything or offer, you want to make sure it attracts people in your niche. For example search traffic is very targeted and very relevant base on the set of keywords that triggers the search, PPC or SERP. Types of keywords triggers different actions and different traffic. Well after your success with search traffic, you want to scale and there are not a lot of search engines that will provide yu rsults such as the top 3 search engines.

So when finding traffic you want to make sure it is relevant in every way. For example MySpace Ads, what do you think the general demographics are? But that should put some play into your head on how you market but that should not be your only thought as well. Play with MySpace Ads, see what they have to offer and how they target demographics of Myspace.


Are you able to filter by:

  • Age
  • Male/Female
  • Location
  • Keywords
  • etc

There is just a lot of things to look at. If you want free traffic such as forum marketing, is the forum relevant to your niche? What about if your using Craigslist? You can break it down by location. Does these small demographic changes help you find relevant traffic to your niche or business?

If yu are promoting diet and weight loss, do you think you should promote your business in a muscle building forum? They are very similar but is it targeted? weight loss vs muscle building? In this example you can say a small percentage may purchase, but it is highly doubtful because everyone is already lean and just building up their muscles or strength. How do I know, research!

Drill down into your niche or offer and make sure that you can filter your demographic to it core to find the most relevant traffic, the more relevant it is the more conversions you will receive. Sometimes going to general will get you traffic or even impressions but may not give you the income you want. Target the niche more, drill into it.

Traffic is not just traffic, anyone can get traffic. For example I can just post my banners anywhere on any blog, but what is the ratio of those users that will convert probably very little and will hey last? So relevancy is important from social traffic to media buy traffic. As you start expanding to other traffic sources outside of search especially, you want to try to be targeted as possible.

Traffic is very important but where you get that traffic is even more important. Whether if it is Facebook Ads, PPC, Media Buys, Twitter, etc. There are tons of ways to get traffic free or if you have to pay for it. The most important part is finding the most relevant traffic. The more laser targeted it is the most and faster results you will see.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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