FireFox and Google Chrome Hates Affiliate Offers

By Ian Fernando

Yesterday I was working some affiliate landers and when it came to inserting and importing affiliate links, I found an issue. FireFox and Google Chrome hates affiliate offers.

How do I know this? Simple they specifically told me, or gave me a warning. When I started logging into networks to check out the offer lps. While some brought me to the offer one in particular brought me to an Untrusted license.

This error brought a curious attention to me as it was my first time seeing it from an affiliate offer. Below, is a FireFox window stating the website is untrusted. This tells me it might be a license issue, I viewed the license and then I can be on my way to see the offer LP.

Then I thought, what about the end user? What if they clicked on my link? So I took my link and see maybe if it was just the preview link within the network dashboard, nope still same results.

I then decided to try out Google Chrome, I got the same result. Below is the screenshot I took of the error. It is bold in red and that can definitely deter leads away from your offer and kill your conversion. Now this isn't good, it brings me and the end user to this type of error page within FireFox and Chrome.

Something small or big like this can definitely hurt your affiliate income. You need to check your offers and test them out making sure they are working.

If you are getting an error like this 'let your network know' and see if there is an issue with the advertiser.

I then checked with IE and IE simply just shutdown, it closed itself. So I am not sure if that is normal for IE. But again if I am experiencing it then your traffic will also be experiencing it. So you need to think to yourself if this will be a beneficial offer to promote.

Knowing me, I look at the type of demographics within my prosper202. Most of the users I get are Chrome and FireFox users. So I do not think this will be a good offer to promote. Especially if this error is prompt to them. Even if I do get some IE users, it will close on them. I haven't checked Safari or other browsers but I think this is enough for me to not promote the offer.

Small things like this can stop you from making money, make sure to check the offer landing page, test out your own affiliate link, make sure you tell your network on this offer. If they already have not found an issue with it.

Which brings me to...

I think should be the networks responsibility to make sure they have validated advertisers on their network. If they got offers that cause this 'untrusted' license or site or is flagged then the network should know how to handle the advertiser. I do not think it is our responsibility. If I see a poor offer I just ignore it and ... on to the next one!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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