First Day in Morocco

The flight to Morocco was hell! I flew across the Atlantic ocean to land in Munich, Germany and then from Germany to Milan, Italy then finally to Casablanca, Morocco. It was a hell of a flight. The layovers were 50 minutes and once I landed I had to rush to the next connecting flight. For some reason they always make the connecting flights literally 10 miles away from your arrival flights!

I finally landed and met up with one of my friends that lives there and his friend. I couldn’t wait to take a shower, I mean 15 hours flying in the air and rushing – definitely needed a good rush of water hitting my body.

I arrived at my friend’s villa apartment and he has a really nice place which is fairly big and a nice patio. I chilled for a bit and we headed out to eat dinner then go clubbing after.

For some reason the area I am staying in, Rabat, everyone dresses prep up. Everyone is literally pretty boy’d up. My friend stated that it’s like this because of the French, not too good in history but simply stating the French use to colonize the area.

Well, not much to write about yet. I will post some stuff up and make sure you follow me on twitter. I am not using my iphone because ATT charges a lot for the data. So at night (here in Morocco) I will update and respond to everyone. Also, I will be active on my forum, if anyone needs some tips and advice on marketing, since I will be rarely posting on my blog about online marketing.

Anyways, here are some pics of when I went out that night, more pictures coming of the city and the place I will be going. I have some videos as well.

morocco food



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