Forget About the Big Screens: Blogging the Movie

By Ian Fernando

Do you watch TV? Is television soon to become obsolete? With the rave of Web 2.0 and Videos, there is more attention looking at a PC monitor than your in home television. Joel Comm has created a great use of Web 2.0 and video when he came out with Next Internet Millionaire.

This reality show take place on your PC monitor and not on channel 5 or Spyke TV. The internet is becoming more for a source of entertainment and information. Taking what you watch on TV to a pixelated screen.

Prija of Blogging the Movie is taking the next big step to internet entertainment, by creating the first Movie Documentary about Bloggers. He will be documenting 10 bloggers, blog related companies, and the industry within his movie. The unique idea behind this is he will also chose 1 noob blogger to enter his contest and document his beginning from failure to success!

[youtube][/youtube] I am actually anticipating this blog movie. I wonder if this documentary will be like any regular documentaries I see on the History channel or a BET documentary. But if you are interested in trying to become the 9th blogger to be documented, apply at Blogging the Movie!

10 bloggers

9 of the 10 bloggers have been selected. We are going to showcase who they are shortly. Right now we will unveil the 9 bloggers at Blog World and New Media Expo. There is one spot for a lucky newbie to be part of this movie.

Blog related Companies

If you are a company that catered towards blogs, we would like to speak with you. Maybe you have something to bring to the table for the movie.

The Industry

This refers to anyone that can assist with different views of blogging. For instant SEO, PPC, journalist, columnist, newspapers and different media outlets i.e. NBC, CNN etc. We want to document how the industry is catering to bloggers as a segment that needs to be embraced or neglected.

Source: Blogging the Movie

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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