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By Ian Fernando

As you view my updated blog, you will probably notice an extra month under archives. Yes I have officially merged my old post from my past CMS to wordpress. I would like to thank 'Free Directory' for his great help on this issue. I posted my CMS merge issue in Digital Point Forum.

I love forums, just because you can easily network, help others, and be helped. Well I posted my problem and my problem was helped by others when 'Free Directoy' contacted me and said he would like to help me. I was psyched. I was really happy when he says he can do it. Its just merging my old SQL from my prior CMS to the SQL of wordpress. I started to do it myself, but during the process I got confused and it took too much time. Once 'Free Directory' said he would help me I was very happy that he is willing to spend time with me to get me through the process of merging SQLs.

The main issue that I had was getting all my post from one CMS to WordPress, acquiring dates and other data that I wanted. Again posting to most of the popular forums, 'Free Directory' has stepped up and decided to help me.

It seems he is very familiar with PHP and SQL, as I am a rookie at it. I provided him the necessary data and information he requested. I assume from his end he re organized and created an SQL file for me to upload. I ofcourse backed up my SQL just incase something went wrong. I do not need to back everything up because it loaded properly, I was really happy.

Free Directory, has helped others in forums. So I decided to talk to the user that were helped by Free Directory. Here is one of the statements that was given to me when I asked about his helped:

He's a really nice guy - He helped me fix a problem on my websites that i never wrote, i told him i couldn't understand PHP that well and he wrote me about 5 steps on how to fix the problem - and right enough the problem was fixed!

He must know PHP really well as he only had to look at one file to be able to give me the full help! << website he helped fix!

So Yeah - hes a good guy!


This is great, Free Directory is helping others that want to be helped. This specific topic goes into forums, because I keep stating forums are a great place to do work, network, get info, provide info, etc.

Network marketing, you are building a marketing network to promote some product or service. You will be creating a network marketing strategy, which will define how marketing network is created and what are the activities you will do to build the marketing network.

Network market usually requires selling to prospects that is why it is called "marketing". So you are not good at selling? Everybody has a little of salesmanship within them. If you work for a company, how do you sell your brilliant idea of a new product or more efficient process to your boss? How do you convince and build trust with your coworkers or subordinates. How do you sell your spouse into buying that dream home? The truth is the we sell ideas and opinions everyday.

Back to my issue, I was very happy to get emails announcing that people had responded to my post. Again I was excited that thee are users out that like to help others. I mean I do the same as well, help others and you will get it back in return. I believe that is true.

Networking within forums is very simple, just see who post to your topics. This means those users have interest to view it but more interested in the topic if they reply. They want to know what others will say or what others will post. This goes back to Web 2.0, its always about knowing more.

Also networking can produce you more income, why do you think MLMs are popular and the person who recruits more are usually the ones that make money. Though I do not recommend MLMs, but that is my opinion.

Since forum marketing is such a great tool, I consider it an asset, you can network with so many users. Users that are new or are professionals. I can't stress that forums just is a great place to be, generate a secondary source of income.

Just do not be shy, be yourself and start talking. You just need to make sure you follow the TOS of the forums you are part of.

Back to 'Free Directory', I would like to give my thanks to him and his help on merging my old CMS to wordpress. Now my popular pages will be pinged again and I will continue to grow.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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