Forums Service Tasks Completed - Watching ROI

By Ian Fernando

Over the weekend my forums services were completed. Now I am waiting to see if any of my stats has changes. I am looking for my page rank to change since most of the directories were all above PR 4. The task of 25 submits to were also completed.

Well I wanted to make a small post about this and update you along the way through the process. Here are the links to the submissions. The only thing is I was expecting a report for the 50 diggs but I will contact the service guy on this. Here are the reports for the $3.50 submission service:

  • ianternet-submissions.htm
  • ianternet-25-delicious-submissions-report.html

So now what am I looking for from these services? What is my goal? Ofcourse it's all about traffic. I also want to see some of my stats change. Currently I am a PR 2 and I would like to be at least a PR 4. With that I also hope to gain some traffic from the 105 directories that I was submitted to as well from

In the end I want to see n increase in traffic from this and hopefully an increase in income. It is too bad there is no way to really track this except via Google Analytics. I want to see if someone purchases something via my website if they were directed from a directory or from

Since, there really is no way for tracking that is the only drawback I can see. The other drawback is I wanted the service to bookmark a specific post - and not my homepage. The reason for this is because readers tend to bookmark articles and not homepages. I do it myself.

Another flaw is, I received tons of submission emails, BAH. Please confirm your submission, your link has been submitted to...etc. Also some directories did not accept my link. I guess I did not qualify or I did not have high enough stats. But I currently do not know how many directories rejected my link but I hope its not all of them. These are the only flaw that I had.

Now with digg - so far I have manually checked and I was dugg 31 times (at time of viewing). I want to see if I can manage to get on the front page. I kinda made an error here because I did not see that videos are dugged into the thousands where post are under 100. I submitted a video post - hmm, well that is a lesson learned there.

I want to attempt to get on the Digg front page; this is the post I submitted. This should be able to catch attention of other diggers, once digged multiple times - it should be seenby others and hopefully dugged by more users.

The only drawback to this is you do not know who are actual users that are digging this post/video or if it is the service itself. I also can not check to see if I have made my money back from this since I will not see if there were purchases or affiliate redirects from digg traffic, I can only see what Google Analytics show me.

Well, I hope this is good feedback I hope to provide more updates.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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