Free Blog Comments: A Directory to Buy Blog Comments?

By Ian Fernando

This morning after I posted about Blog Carnivals, I started to read all the emails I receive from other bloggers/authors or readers. One of them got me at somewhat of a surprise because it had to do with a post related to Buying Blog Comments. Well the email came from John Waraas, the creator of The post I created became pretty controversial as well with readers and other bloggers participating in the conversation.

Well here is the email from John:

I noticed that you wrote about a little while ago. I would like to tell you that we are working on a solution. We currently have which is a blog directory were bloggers sign up and then we will use their blog for our blog comments. If you have any questions feel free to email me 🙂

I read it and at first I didn't know what to think of. I was thinking if others that wrote about buy blog comments received a similar email? I will talk to my network of bloggers about this and see if they did, but has any other author received this? I am pretty skeptic to see how many authors John contacted, was it to all authors, positive writings about his project or negative writings?

Well all in all I went to and its a very simple page and as they stated themselves, it is a directory.

Want free blog comments? Well this is the place to get them! How this works is you submit your site into our blog directory, if your blog gets accepted we will use your blog with our other blog service Buy Blog Comments. Our high quality blog comment writers will post comments on your blog that people have bought through Buy Blog Comments. Its a win win situation for all of us. We cant promise that your blog will be used for our commenting service. You also wont be able to tell what is a paid blog comment and what is just someone posting on your blog. We do not require a link back from your blog and you get free blog comments for joining, this is the best blog directory on the internet! Enjoy.

It seems it is a place to exchange comments instead of buying, author to author. I then thought to myself, is this just a directory for the USE of Will they use this directory to grow their own internal directory?

Well looking at the website it is a simple directory. It does not have a good amount of submissions, but I wonder if they found out about this site via an email similar to what I received? So I decided to look at some of the websites and I do not see a post about buy blog comments, but found other advertising sites such as review back and ad grid work. Then I went to John Waraas website, likely I found a post about the controversy about buying comments. Then I found this excerpt near the end of his post: me get 5,000 blogs in that database, then I will start using that database for Buy Blog Comments. Until than, I will be using my current database of blogs.

So to me I am thinking that this database will be for the use of buy blog comments. I say this directory is good in a way for bloggers to exchange free comments and help each other boost popularity and exposure, but the downside is that it will be used as a database for buy blog comments.

Though there is no form of a true comment exchange and the feel of just a directory, I personally do not think this will work as a comment exchange directory. I do not think this will be helpful to us, as it is just a directory. I believe John is just collecting blogs to increase the exposure to his clients. He stated his new 'business' has done over 20,000 comments. So I assume they are using the same blogs all the time and need to increase the flow of blogs. To counter act this problem he created this directory to help us comment and find blogs a like, but again it will be a dump of all the blogs for his own use for his 'business'.

Again, can be a good thing and a bad thing. Me personally I am not submitting my blogs to this free directory. But I am very eager as John stated he will adjust this site with full SEO getting it to a page rank of at least 7 or 8! This would be very good for any site, but should I risk the fact my website/blog will be submitted into a database to something that I am against?

What do you think of this spin on the new controversy of Buying Comments?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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