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By Ian Fernando

I was cleaning out my favorites today and I noticed a bookmark that I haven't visited in a while called Free Internet Marketing Seminars.

These free videos are great since they came from the popular X10 Marketing Seminar held in Australia. Great speakers of great marketing techniques gathered and spoke about their success and how they got there. Speakers include:

  • Paul Colligan
  • Alex Mandossian
  • Armand Morin
  • Ken Giddens
  • Perry Marshall
  • Declan Dunn
  • Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

Most of these videos are more than an hour long and provide such great information. I remembered watching some of these videos and learning and putting somethings into concept. I will most likely revisit this site and watch the videos again.

These great speakers are well known all over the internet as some of them teach or produce ebooks to help you earn a living. The information they provide might be simple but the strategy is worth listening to. I remember Alex Mandossian speaking of web conversion and using the example of chocolate fund raisers by going door to door, that is SPAM. I thought that was a bit funny. In all seriousness, that is true. Then he turns it around and says wait outside a food market and sell that way, its more of a tendency for the shopper to buy something as they are already buying food anyway, makes sense.

Specific product needs a specific market.

I encourage you to view these videos, and learn something about marketing. They are about more than 30 min long so take out a notepad and pen and start taking some notes.

But this brings me back to WEB 2.0, since we are becoming more prone to watch and listen than gather and read. We tend to interact more than research, media is a great form of learning as well. As more users tend to learn by watching and doing than reading and doing. I personally can learn either or, I research put it in testing and see if it works or not; it does not matter where I got the information from since I will end up testing it.

Watch the Seminars! 

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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