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By Ian Fernando

Pretty soon it will be the talk of the internet. is the brainchild of Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins. Since these two teamed up a few years ago to release Stomping the Search engines, their contribution to the internet has been nothing short of remarkable.   Their latest launch StomperNet is already making history with their incredible faculty, four seminars a year, incredible sense of community, classified ads, forum, library of content, etc. I was fortunate enough to be at the StomperNet presentation in Orlando on February 17th where Brad Fallon revealed for the first time in public their brainchild. is still in beta, but we got a quick glimpse during the presentation in Orlando.  Here are a few things that are going to make into the next Google or YouTube. 

  • Free Content Hosting ? videos, audios, ebooks, etc.
  • As your video comes up in the search results, a user can click on it to arrive at your sales page where they can watch the video, read about you, subscribe to your newsletter, and rank your free content.
  • Links will be on this sales page allowing the user to access ALL of your free content.
  • And even better yet, a link will be available to see any information you have for SALE!!
  • Yep, you can host the content you have for sale.
  • There will be BUY NOW buttons where the visitors can buy right there within and even deliver the product if it is downloadable.
  • List building built right in ? Opt-in?s are allowed on your sales page. No sending them to a squeeze page or website. Put it right here in
  • Amazing ReviewRanktm - User feedback is taken into consideration on who ranks at the top for certain keywords. Basically, the best content will always show up first.
  • Not only that, I?m hearing that the duration someone watches your free content will also factor into who gets ranked better. Very cool.

You bring people into free IQ and they start buying content, you see a piece of the action. Content providers now know that people are compensated for selling their content and, wow, the snowball effect begins.

Secondly - want to add your own content to Free IQ? Did you know you can set the exact timecode moment in video for a thumbnail (or set your own). Very nice. Starting selling it and you get a piece of the action. Offer it for free and grab some very optimized for the search engines real estate for your content.

Brad has already proven that he can deliver. He did it with 'Stomper' and he regularly generates millions of dollars each year with his retail business. Ok, I know it isn't clear to you yet, but you just are going to have to take my word for it - or the 'gurus' - when I tell you this site is going to be a JUGGERNAUT!

Can FreeIQ really be the next YouTube?

Online video is all the rage - and every day it seems like there is something new to learn, some new site to upload to, or some new video to watch someone speed paint with fries and ketchup. I want to use the web for business. And try as I may, my business videos and commercials get lost in the clutter on the You Tube, MySpace and Google Video - not to mention the hundreds of other up and coming video websites.

In fact, other Free IQ users all over the world screen all the available information for you, so when you want to know something, the best video and audio presentations come out on top.

And if you?re an expert or author or consultant, it means you don?t have to travel to give your presentation. Just upload your presentation to Free IQ and they?ll host it and deliver it ? for free!

So whatever you want to learn, just type in a search and see what comes up. Frankly, all of the speakers and experts and authors want your attention because they sell books, courses, extended learning materials, seminars, coaching and consulting.

But the ones that come out on top are the ones that give the most valuable information for free. And you can watch or listen to entire presentations anytime you want. You don?t even have to register for Free IQ ? just click to play and start watching or listening right away.

Is this Business Web 2.0 - without the clutter? Only time will really tell. After all, YouTube was at ZERO traffic at the end of 2005 and 18 months later is the #4 most visited site on the web. It really did revolutionize streaming video and home made videos. If Free IQ does it right, perhaps it will do the same thing on the ?business? side.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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