Friday Stuffs - Good Readings I Found

By Ian Fernando

Today is the last entry for winning OIOPublsher Direct Pro. If you do not know already the OIOpublisher plugin is how I am selling my blog real estate with ease, all I have to do is just approve or deny ads. OIOPublisher takes care of the rest. I want to thank Simon for providing 3 plugins for free for the selected winners. Again the selected winners will be chosen tomorrow morning at random, the winner will be emailed with Simon CCed so he can provide the script to you.

Also, next week I will be releasing a report on how I manage to create a good income in the month of December which takes advantage of user that want to buy. This report will give you a good understanding of a concept that has never been used or less likely to be used. As you know I have spoken about the Y!SM and Adsonar on how I use these networks to help promote affiliate products via PPC. Next week I will be speaking of another system that I benefited from greatly during the holiday season. You will have to wait till then, readers that have left comments and joined my network will receive it first and anyone that has joined my subscriber list or rss will also receive it first. But until then everyone will have to wait till I release it sometime next week.

I also have bought several domains with several projects in mind and now I am too busy to try to do them, but one I have manage to do and create my 'official brand'. I hope to release it this weekend and give you a snapshot of it but I am still working on some of the AJAX stuff and trying to find help with the code.

Another update, after the OIOPublisher contest I will be hosting another contest to provide a free premium template, I have contacted several authors and I am waiting a response from them to see if they would like to sponsor the contest and provide a free premium template, more details to come. This type of contest did really well with the new release of my Revolution Theme by Brian Gardner.

Well that is it for my rambles, here are some good read for the weekend:

  1. How To Measure PPC Ad Effectiveness Through Split Testing
  2. Universities May Be Failing Our Next Great Search Marketers
  3. Make Google Analytics Show Your Most Popular Posts
  4. How to Create Social Media’s Favorite Type of Blog Post
  5. 6 Ways to Deal with Spam Blogs

Final note, I will be doing another 4 hours of the Secret Classroom or I mean Couch Classroom this weekend.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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