Generalize and Find Never Thought of Keywords

By Ian Fernando

When you do affiliate marketing or any type of marketing online you need targeted keywords. This is crucial because if you just put your website out on the internet, how can users find you? The internet revolves around search engines, meaning we type in a phrase or keyword to find our content. This basically finds us the sites we want to go to.

Now, sometimes there are keywords that are so targeted but it is so general. When users talk about keyword research they throw in a general keyword in the Google Keyword Tool and use what they suggests. Now, google's tool is very helpful and does give you synonyms of keywords and keywords that relate to it. But what if we can find very general keywords that are out of the regular norm?


It is fairly easy and it only takes about 5 minutes of your time. First you think of a general keyword of your niche. Then you simply just expand out of it. You simply just take your general keyword and think of the firs keywords or phrase that comes to your mind.

Now you have at least 6 'legs' of new keywords which are probably still very similar to the original keyword. Now, with those 6 new keywords expand on those keywords. You want to think about that keyword and not think about your original keyword plus the new keyword leg. So for example you thought of ACAI, a keyword leg would be diet pills. What comes to mind when you just think of diet pills?

You keep doing this for each new leg and expand out, what you will notice that the most outer keyword will not be similar to the original keyword you started out with. BUT you will notice that their maybe some type of similarity. For example when you do Acai, a leg might be Oprah, then a leg of that would be celebrity. So you can see Acai may relate to celebrity but it so out of the norm that most likely it wouldn't be used. The point is to generalize and find keywords that can trigger some type of action with little competition or even saturation.

I did a video with my new whiteboard that I bought on exactly what I said, it is easier to visualize what I am talking about. Also, I want to start doing these white board training sessions as well. Let see how that does. Also this is my first one and you can't really see my drawing, so I bought a darker marker to test out on the next video.

The video explains to just think what comes to mind first and generalize. You want to think about the keyword leg and not the original keyword plus the keyword leg. So this way you think about one keyword and you never know the outer most keyword can be your most profitable keyword.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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