Generally Speaking with MediaTrust

advaliantlogoAlmost like I was part of MediaTrust’s Relevantly speaking video series. Anyways, I got Glenn from MediaTrust to talk about certain aspects of MediaTrust and what they are up to as a company.

A couple things that were interesting were the fact that MediaTrust/Advaliant is partnering with Facebook to provide a better service to affiliates. Now I personally think this is a great jump into Facebook marketing. I have had several case studies on marketing on Facebook and I would sometimes reach a snag.

For example, everyone that does advertise with Facebook will have an account representative! Now that is such a huge plus, since it is hard to get a rep at Facebook now.

There are also random discussion with overseas affiliates and how MediaTrust/Advaliant as a company will leverage the industry to help benefit others. Enjoy the interview!


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